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Thread: depend polymer getting everywhere

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    Default depend polymer getting everywhere

    I just got some depends protection with tabs and i noticed polymer getting on my bed. I took out a fresh one and rubbed the two sides together over a table, and sure enough there was little flecks of polymer all over the table. Upon further investigation I discovered that it may have been coming out of the elastic waistbands in the front and back as they were not sealed on the sides.

    I haven't bought depends tape-ons in a while and I don't remember them ever doing this before.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I wear depends 50% of the time or once or twice a day for 15 years they are cheap and easy for me to buy at 2 local stores I buy the plastic backed 3 tab got 1 on know!! and never had a problem even after full playing in them!!!! never had any issues!!!!!!!

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    Call or Email Depends, they sent me four coupons for $4.00 US off for my next purchase. The are very nice and quick to satisfy you.

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    Yup I had some two seperate times where I had problems with these depends to but they too care of me, but with cheaper diapers im not suprised, thats why I usually get abena m4s

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    I fine with it and don't feel the need to complain to Depend. Just putting it out there to see if that's just how they are now, or if it's just some bags. Sounds like this is not happening all the time.

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    I've had this same thing happen to me a few times. Usually one or two out of a pack I buy will do this which is why I try to where boxer briefs over Depends if I'm wearing them to bed or going out.

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    Check the pack to make sure one diaper isn't broken. It may be just one diaper which has spilled on everything else.

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    Oh, good thinking Gingaburger, I will double check that before it's too late.

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