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Thread: Anyone been diapered in the hospital ?

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    Default Anyone been diapered in the hospital ?

    Anyone been diapered in the hospital? My last visit my nurse wanted to change me and I informed her I was quit capable of changing myself. She stated it was policy she had to do the changing. When she left the room I changed myself and she was not to happy with me. My problem is I go back in to the hospital on May 1st and the 7th for surgery. I don't want them to change me . I don't know if it's normal but when someone changes me I get an erection and to me that's just embarrassing. Is getting an erection normal or not when someone changes you. Now when I have come out of my past surgeries I was already diapered I think they done It in the recovery room. Just don't know I was asleep and that I don't mind at all. My other problem is they leave diapers just laying around in the open in my room. My family knows about my issues but I have friends that stop by to visit and I don't want the to see the diapers. My wife will put them in the closet when she is there but when she in unable to be there the. Nurse will leave them out and I have asked that they put them in the closet and they just won't do it. Can anyone help me to better my stay. And would a hospital make it a policy that they must do the changing and is the erection normal ? Thanks
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    When I've been in hospital, I was allowed to change my own diaper if I was able to do so, and the staff (usually a male orderly) changed the diaper for me only if I could not do it for myself. Fortunately, getting erections when I'm changed is not something that normally happens for me.

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    Been diapered in hospital a few times. To avoid erection, you should try to put your mind somewhere else, try to think something that doesn't rock your boat at all If you are heterosexual and the nurse is a woman, it's perfectly normal to have an erection and they are propably used to it by now.

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    I don't know where you live - respectively where you are hospitalized and for what medical reason so my answer can not be 100% spot on.
    But the few times I've been to a hospital as a patient I was - if able - changing myself.
    And as far as I care, the nurses certainly have no right to do anything against your will. Also I find it rather odd that they would insist on changing you, if you offer to do it yourself.
    Unless of course changing yourself would hold some sort of risk with your medical situation (moving...).

    About the erections... nope... can't help you with this, I don't get them when changing...
    But just rest assured nurses and medical staff at a hospital have seen stuff far worse than a simple erection.

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    I'm scared to need them in the hospital, too. Because diapers represent a complete loss of function to me. I may cry until they put me in psych. No worries. They probably just didn't want you moving too much after surgery, like EP01 said. I actually read somewhere, a rookie nurse asking, "What happens if. . .?" Good news is, apparently it happens quite often. If anything happens as a result of the erection, there're trained just to clean it up, & move on, so even if something results from it, no loss for you. Lucky I'm a girl. The way C.N.A.s are trained to do it, you'd have to be dead, not only not to get an erection, but for nothing to result from it. I looked up male pericare on YouTube, just in case my Parkinsonian s.o. Needs it. I'll be dipped (southern US expression) if I let anyone but me do it. He's very modest.
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    Default Anyone been diapered in the hospital ?

    The only time I can think of me being diapered in a hospital was when I was five years old and my brother was being born.

    I had very very infrequent bedwetting incidents as a kid (like, only a handful of times a month), and I DO know that I occasionally wore pull ups on special occasions like vacations and family visits and whatnot.

    However, it's probably one of my most distinct early childhood memories of being in that hospital with just my aunt (I'm assuming my dad and mom were off somewhere busy with the birth) and for whatever reason that one night where the family stayed at the hospital, I was in an actual diaper.

    My brother was born at like 2am or so, and the small window of time that I remember seems like it was super late at night while I was in our room in a diaper.

    Never did have the guts to question my family on that particular incident. But still, pretty cool.

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    One of the reasons they may insist on changing you is for the I/O's. Especially after surgery they need to know how much your taking in, and peeing/pooping out. So with changing you, they can then take the diaper and weigh it to verify how many ounces you wet, or the volume you messed. So far I have no experience with being in diapers in the hospital medically. Only psychiatric when the bipolar gets out of wack. And in there, the staff are more than happy to let you change yourself. I am one of those who doesn't like having someone change them either. As for erection issue, it does happen from time to time. I have only been changed in the psych ward once by a staff member. My tacktic was to just close my eyes and focus on my breathing till it was over. Mostly due to being so embarrassed over arroused. It so happened the guy changing me had been a co-worker when I worked there as a security guard. So it was QUITE awkward as they had no idea I was incontinent as I hid it well. Anyway, that's my only experience with being changed in the hospital. But I am sure if you asked to speak with the charge nurse on at the time, you could work something else. Same with the diapers being left out, talk to the charge nurse. Part of your care is your privacy. You deserve privacy. Most places though will work with you. Hope your next visit goes well.


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    Four years ago I went into hospital to have a triple bypass surgery, it meant being on the operating table for over eight hours, I was in a coma of course, and they put a catheter in me in case I wee'd on the operating table, or so they said, when I was in the ICU after the operation, the attending nurse asked me, was I feeling better, I said that I was, and asked when they were going to remove the catheter, as I dislike them, I am not worried about visitors, itsan internal thing, it just doesnt feel right, two days later when they were going to move me to another ward, to recover with other patience, they sent a new nurse into me, and she set about removing the catheter, she said in theory it shouldnt hurt me, after a few tugs on the rubber tubing it seemed to be stuck fast, she called for help and a nursing assistant arrived, she gave one almighty tug, and the pain shot through me. he pain was so intense, how I did have another heart attack god only knows, when a doctor arrives with the senior nurse, my bed was covered in blood and urine, with half the tubing still sticking out of my penis, I was rushed into a lift and taken down to the theatres I was given something and drifted off to sleep, when I came a round again, they had my backside covered in a large baggy pair of white baggy plastic pants, and I had two pads on, to retain the urine and some blood, I was changed every hour, until they considered that I was again stable, the senior nurse explained to me and my wife that, they had badly damaged my bladder, and would have to wear plastic pants and a pad 24/7, because, of the damage to my bladder, a continence nurse duly arrived and said I wasnt to worry, as they were going to supply me with all my pads and pants, my wife does he have to wear the pants 24/7, she yes he does as he will leak a little and if the pad gets saturated it will start to leak out, and the pants will stop it going on to my clothes etc, when I got home I noticed several large brown boxes in a corner, my wife sadi thats for twelve weeks, the smaller box is your new pants, she said they are rubber, and the smell was very good, much better than pvc.
    A nurse told me that if a man got an erection whilst she was changing him, she just ignored it, whilst I was in the ward, the also gave me a good wash every morning, two nursing aids would arrive with a large bowl of hot water, they stripped me off put the soaked pad into a large plastic bag and put that into another black plastic bag, then they put a large blue rubber sheet under me, and washed me from head to toes, they put cream and powder between my legs and backside, they put me into a new nappy pad and a pair of new plastic pants, I was then put into my own PJ's for the day, so I was well looked after, but I did get a considerable sum of money for the damage done to my bladder and what they thought was a suitable payment for my future care.

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    The last time I needed diapers while in hospital I was aged eight and spent a week in there post surgery.

    Aside: I was in a children's ward which was part of a general hospital. The night staff used to tell the patients about 'the lady in grey', she apparently used to wander aimlessly around that specific ward at night. The day staff did not appreciate their peers humour, as it was they who had to deal with the consequences. That hospital has long since been demolished and replaced with a shopping centre, but the story of the ghost still lives on in there. Some people have too much time on their hands, honestly.

    Back on topic: What were we talking about, anyway?

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    Default Anyone been diapered in the hospital ?

    I have often wandered this same thing, i recently told my sister about me and she is a nurse in ICU. I asked her if she has ever seen anyone wearing a diaper she said one time a guy came in wearing one!! I then asked her if you have a choice she said they don't recommend diapers because of possible infections and bed sores, but they will allow you to wear them if you let it be known or tell them that you wear protection!! The nurses prefer catheters

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