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Thread: Not sure what diapers to get

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    Default Not sure what diapers to get

    I'm looking to buy some more diapers soon but not sure which ones to get.

    Ive always worn tena slip maxis but i thought about possibly trying something new maybe something a little thicker. Ive spoken to a few people and have been told about tenas new diaper the tena slip ultima which hold more than a maxi but are thin when dry i have also been told about abena abri form m4 which are much thicker when dry.

    I like to keep my diaper dry (only pee when in the mood) and like thick diapers, so this would point at the M4s but you only 14 in a pack compared to tena where you get 21. the m4s cost a little bit more individually around 1.00 more each

    So do i either go for abena abri form m4 diapers and get less for almost the same price or get tena slip ultima which are thinner but you get more for your money or shall i just stick with what i already know and stay with tena slip maxi which are the thinnest of the lost

    thank you for replies in advance hope anyone can help

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    Abena M4, my favorite, very comfortable. I like mine dry too and a bit thicker than the Maxis. $60 (or 35 pounds) for a case of 42 from xp medical. They have double tapes too. Plus with the right pants they are pretty discrete as well.

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