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Thread: Donald Sterling, LA Clippers Owner.

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    Default Donald Sterling, LA Clippers Owner.

    Somebody had to bring it up. Might as well be me.

    The news media, all the politically correct LA crowd, and of course, people in the civil rights industry are doing their level best to tar and feather this guy for saying something demeaning about black people, in private, to his 'girlfriend'.

    Where's the outrage over the fact that somebody recorded him without his knowledge or permission? That's illegal most places. That doesn't make the things he said OK or acceptable, but let's remember there is a first amendment. He didn't say anything illegal. or advocate anything illegal, he just expressed a general dislike for blacks, and he did it in private.

    I don't know the guy, but I'm willing to stipulate that he's a class-A tool. You don't get to that sort of position without hurting some feelings. I bet a lot of you out there have bosses who are class-A tools. It often comes with the territory.

    Allow me to throw out a few things in his defense:

    1. He's made millionaires out of quite a few black people.
    2. His exposure to black people consists mostly of NBA players. As a group, they're not exactly a bunch of model citizens.
    3. He's a geezer. When/if you get to be a geezer, as your days remaining wind down, you'll find that every day something new hurts when you get up and you don't really give a rat's behind about offending people here and there.
    4. He grew up before civil rights. Not an excuse, just not that unusual for someone his age to have that kind of attitude.

    Should he get a slap on the wrist? Sure. Should he be run out of town on a rail? Hardly, given that his behavior, while offensive, isn't anywhere near as damaging as that of some of his criticizers.

    Magic Johnson? Cheated on his wife, presumably with a guy.
    Michael Jordan? Greatest player ever, but he's exhibited plenty of toolish behavior over the years.
    Sir Charles? Entertaining, but no saint as he'll be the first to admit.

    I could go on...

    I'd like to see the person who made and released the recording arrested and charged appropriately.

    Your turn.

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    If he was Joe public saying it in private it would not of even been recorded so I'm on his side as it was in private and recorded illegally
    if he said it at a crowed restaurant or other public place then I could understand
    P/s sounds like the American press is just as sleazy as the British press was last decade and still are

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    Regardless of whether you like what he said or you didn't like what he said. Whether you thought it was racist, not nice, or just an old idiot. The important thing here is not at all what he said. The important thing here is that some dumb golddigger decided to record him without his permission. This is the important part because California is a two party consent state for recording. That would make her much more criminally negligent than he was. Making her a problem, and him just a nuisance. Major difference. The NBA is overreaching by banning him if you ask me. They are setting themselves up for a lawsuit. There's no reason that he should be losing his job for saying something. In private.
    I hate to have to remind people of this again, but I've a feeling the idiots are going to crop up eventually in this forum, but you are in fact allowed to be racist in this country. Whether you enjoy being racist or not is completely up to you. But you're allowed to do it. Constitutional mandates from leagues, other bylaws, they mean absolutely nothing went up against the Constitution. And I know that would've adhered the idiocy of it's the government that can fire you not ordinary people, but there's a difference when it's in a private situation like this was. And it really bothers me that it only took three days to put this all to rest. That's very disconcerting.
    If they wanted to make a statement regarding this, what they should've done was allow all the players on the clippers to become free agents at the end of the season. Allow the fans and not go to the arena. See what would actually happen. Stop with these idiotic knee-jerk reactions to do nothing but hurt people.

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    In America and the UK the press seems to be judge jury executioner and it pisses me off

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    The problem isn't the press. The problem is the people allowing it. There's a culture of stupidity in this country. And I would assume in the UK as well, but I don't know. There's this belief that if someone does something that you don't like, you get to throw them out of whatever position they have. It's just not true. It's turning into true, and we have to stop it.
    And now they're parading out every black columnist ever. It's actually much more racist than what Donald Sterling said. So now we get another 10 hours of how terrible white people are. I do believe the black people are far more separatist than white people are. I know it's off-topic, but I'm just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    Constitutional mandates from leagues, other bylaws, they mean absolutely nothing went up against the Constitution.
    Not exactly true. He has the right to express himself without LEGAL consequences, and the NBA has the right to ban him for conduct detrimental to the League.

    I think the NBA commissioner is overreaching, but not doing anything illegal. The media, as usual, is in a feeding frenzy trying to demonize a guy who happened to say something not in accordance with liberal dogma.

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    I'm just glad I already wasn't in NBA fan. I prefer watching athletes. Not just entitled separatists.

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    Awful hard to take basketball seriously when I've got the Blackhawks still in it.

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    To voice your opinion should never be criminal but it doesn't guard one from equal and opposite outcry from a listening audience.

    If you are a high profile person then it would be safe to assume that your potential audience is high profile as well.

    Personally I cannot condemn this man as I myself have said some rediculously stupid things before too. The heart and continually growing intellect for such subject matter is fluid and subject to change.

    The back-lash to his repugnant dialect is well-deserved.

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    Except for the fact he's been doing racist crap IN PUBLIC since 1981...

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