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    Hi all. Can you tell me where your getting your adult large cloth diapers from, and the prices? I ordered one from baby pants thinking I was getting a dozen. Wondering if there is a more generic company. Thank you!

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    I get mine from The All Together Diaper Co. which is part of All Together Enterprises. Cloth diapers are expensive, so I don't think there will be many cheap alternatives. You might check out "Very Good Diapers" which is a Chinese company. You can find them on Ebay, but be warned. You get what you pay for.

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    Well hilariously I found this site looking for cloth diapers (I am recently IC) that my insurance will take and found this HDIS Medicaid Incontinence Supplies. Apparently they sell some really high quality cloth diapers I think at relatively low price for what you are getting. you can get 6 from this site though the price tag is high it's worth it as these diapers will last ridiculously long and can even be bleached (though I would recommend that you do not do that as it reduces the lifespan of the diaper a lot) and expect them to last long. basically you can get 6 of these cloth diapers for $196.90 (including shipping and handling) and that costs about $32.82 per cloth diaper. I know this sounds expensive until you factor in the cost of how long lasting these diapers can really be. I think they can survive for well over a decade depending on how well you take care of them and they will almost certainly last for 5 years at least. Keep in mind this site can be used to buy disposable diapers if you have Medicaid and where in fact diagnosed as being incontinent from a doctor. Keep in mind I cannot get these cloth diapers with medicaid coverage so if you are paying out of pocket this is actually worth it. here's a link to the page with the cloth diapers I am talking about Priva/Americare Ultra Fit Brief.

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    Lots of cloth diaper discussion over here (plug, plug).

    As for "generic": Not really; these are specialty items. I happen to like Baby Pants quite a bit, and I think their cotton twill diapers are great. So are their training pants. Let me rephrase that: Their training pants are awesome!

    All Together Diaper Co., which dogboy mentioned, is also quite good. All Together makes their diapers in the US, so they're a bit more expensive. On the other hand, they'll do custom sizes, which is pretty cool if you want a perfect fit. I have a few of their "medium" gauze prefolds (standard size, not custom). For my body shape, they're a little on the long/narrow side, but everybody's different. I have a stocky build. As with disposables, finding the right cloth diaper entails some trial and error.

    Angel Fluff Diaper Co. is also in the US and also does custom-sized prefolds. They use a very interesting stretchy gauze material, too. I like their diapers, but doubling up is critical as they're unusually thin. Wearing just one is like wearing pin-on tighty whities.

    Changing Times Diaper Co. is my own personal favorite. Like Baby Pants, they offer cotton twill prefolds and contours that I really like. The Changing Times prefolds are folded over on the long edges instead of stitched, so they're exactly like the baby kind. Woot!

    Rearz is sort of the Canadian counterpart of Changing Times -- same kind of prefolds, but they also offer a variety of other cloth diapers that Changing Times doesn't sell. I have a couple of their "Super Snap" fitted diapers -- basically cotton twill contours with elastic and snaps. They're quite nice, but I've found that I actually enjoy the process of pinning -- or Boingo-ing! -- my diapers on, so these don't get much use.

    Another source is Babykins, also in Canada. They offer a variety of prefold and pull-on diapers for adults. I've got a couple of their prefolds, and they're probably my least favorite out of all the prefolds in my stash. Why? Well, it's maybe a bit unfair, but I just don't like flannel. These diapers seem to pill quite a bit in the wash, and the texture drives me nuts -- in an ungood way. But I know I'm unusually picky about that kind of thing. The advantage of flannel, however, is that it's available in a variety of colors and prints. Babykins also sells a number of pull-on diapers that are well-regarded here on ADISC. I have no experience with them, though.

    Well, there are a few ideas.

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    I'm like Cottontail I like my twill prefolds and contour diapers from Changing Times Diaper Co. I also wear AIO diapers from Dependeco which
    I've worn over a year. I think that CTDC prices are reasonable. I like Robert's service real well. Plus he's one of us.

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    I would get some toddler size 2 snappis if going cloth far easier and safer than pins i'm a 44" waist and they hold my soggy diaper
    Also think about a thin onesie if wearing lose pant's or shorts to stop diaper falling just like you do with a baby

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    If you are expecting to get a dozen adult cloth diapers from anywhere, you won't get them for $24.95. This would be the price for one, no matter where you get them.

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    Thank you so much for the sources! I will start digging in! I didnt know they were so spendy - but my Little One loved the feeling - so we will def have to get some more

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    The 6ml plastic pants from babykins last if taken care of.

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    Priva/Americare Ultra Fit Brief

    Those are horrible diapers. I have a similar one and they suck. The padding inside is ok, but it will leak if you put a little pressure on it or if you sit down.
    The metal snap buttons are NOT secure at all and will open easely.
    The fit is also horrible.
    The leg elastics are useless.

    They can be bought for cheap in different stores. I suggest you buy one to try before you commit 200$ on them.

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