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    Hi everyone

    I've been looking for the longest time for a community of people who are familiar with regression.
    It doesn't feel natural to me to be adult. I often feel like a small child or an infant trapped in an adult body.
    I don't really have an adult baby fetish as far as dressing up, but like most babies I like soft colors soft and fabrics and shiny things.
    I most certain have a peter pan complex.
    I'm grateful to have a couple of friends who I can talk to about my regression. I also have a very supportive therapist.

    Anyway I guess that is enough for now. I look forward to getting to know people here.

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    Hi, capricorn77.

    Great to hear that you've found this site, and I'm sorry you couldn't find it any sooner.

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    Default Welcome to ADISC newbie!

    :bunny: Hope you like it here - and if you're so inclined: grab your blankie, your plushie, put on a diaper (or nappie) and carry on. best of luck! :bunny:

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    Jesus, Diapered Rabbit.

    Is there a new "Most greetings on ADISC" award that we don't know about??

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