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Thread: Pacifier Suggestions?

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    Default Pacifier Suggestions?

    Well, I've never actually tried any pacifiers. i have bought diapers/changing supplies, bottles, and formula here and there while growing up, but not a single paci.

    i've always been afraid that someone would walk into my room while i was sleeping and find me with a pacifier in my mouth.

    so, does anybody have a suggestion on what size/brand i should get?
    (I might eventually try a nuk 5; but for now, i just wanna try something i can find locally.)

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    well i like the nuk5 the best.
    beside that mam 6+ are a good choice

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    I got my nuk 5 from fetware for $17 including shipping and it arrived in like 3 days. I customized it by swapping the ring and shield with one I got from the store. in total, i spent a helluva lot less than buying from pacifiers r us.

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    I has trouble with orphadontic dummies when I started, as do a lot of people. People often regard 'cherry' dummies as 'training' dummies to get the sucking motion right. I would reccomend the largest latex cherry teat you can find locally, they're soft and comfortable, they don't last as long as silicon but if you don't bite it then the latex can be clear and smooth for months!

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    I would go for a MAM, I like the glow ones.
    I have a nuk 5, and I still prefer the MAM.
    Get the one for 6-18 months, not the infant sized one.

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    I've gotten and tried the largest baby sized pacifiers from Walmart. They are the NUK3 and are ok. Just hard to keep in the mouth and are not as comfortable as the ones made for adults.

    I got an unmodified NUK5 from Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products. Even though it just comes in white, I find it a lot more comfortable. It fits my mouth well and stays in all night when I sleep. I haven't tried any of the colored ones, which have been modded.

    If you are worried about what to say if someone sees you sleeping with one, just say it helps you sleep better by decreasing snoring. Actually that one is true for me.

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    If you're just looking for something you can buy in a store, I too would recommend the MAM 6+ months. The nipple seems to reach farther back in my mouth than that of the Nuk 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    If you're just looking for something you can buy in a store, I too would recommend the MAM 6+ months. The nipple seems to reach farther back in my mouth than that of the Nuk 3.
    bought a nuk 3 i'm curious to try a mam 6+

    i was expecting this to take some getting used to; but surprisingly this felt...normal.
    i slept with it last night, and my only complaint is that it fell out at some point during the night.

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    even better, get the MAM 12+ (these are the German MAM 16+ renamed so are b.i.g!

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    I use a NUK 5 from and it they are the best company in my opinion.
    Your pacifier will fall out of your mouth when starting out but as you get accustomed to it, it will eventually stay in your mouth over night.

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