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Thread: Hiatus returns!

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    Red face Hiatus returns!

    Well hello! It's so good to be back after so long! How are the kids? And the missus? Great, glad to hear.

    Anyway, I thought I would say hi to all my friends here, and here's to making some more! We can use this thread to rewelcome yourself to the scene if you like *well, that's what I'm using this for!)

    I've kind of been on one of those purge cycles. Well, not really true, I haven't thrown my ABDL stuff away, but i've been focusing more on the BDSM side of my life, as well as a lot of personal troubles right now. But enough about that! I hae a play party coming up on friday, so I thought it would be a perfect time to get back in touch, say hi, and put the kettle on. Milk? Sugars?

    (Y'all probably don't care, but I thought it would be nice for me to reconnect with ABDL pals, as well as giving a space for others to do so. )

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    Hi Littlebat and welcome back. We do care and it's always nice when we get a visit from someone who has been here before. See you around.

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    Welcome back Littlebat. Yes, the wife and kids have been doing well. My novel is finally done so now I'm working on the book cover. My choir performed their cantata and did a great job. So how's your play going?

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    Thank you. Hope you've been doing okay.

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    That's great to hear! You'll have to tell me when the novel gets published so I can buy a copy, though I might have to ask you for a cheeky signing Oh goodness that was a while ago now, I can't remember what one it was haha! But for now i'm back to writing short stories and poems, so that's fun. It's nice to know other writers aren't as lazy as me and finish books!

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