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Thread: Does anyone use the word "Delurk" anymore? (An Introduction)

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    Default Does anyone use the word "Delurk" anymore? (An Introduction)


    So good to have the oppertunity to meet you all. I'm an AB, and have thought I was in good terms with myself and who I am, but recently realized I was repressing myself much more than I had thought, and it was dong bad things to my life. I'm beginning to work through issues, and am looking for a community that I can talk with and help.

    I've found threads on many times, often diaper reviews or various howtos. I've read them for information, but haven't really been involved in the community as a whole. This has been my involvement in the ABDL community for years. I used to subscribe to on usenet, but never posted. I occassionally posted on the teen forums (I was a teen at the time) on DPF, but when it went downhill after Tommy left, I was again pretty much just a lurker.

    I think I'm ready for a community again. I do not know if this will end up being my new home or not, but I'd like to give it a try.

    I'm having some difficulty describing my interests outside of ABDL issues. I like anime, but don't do as much of it as I used to. I'm interested in computer IT and security issues. I read Science Fiction. I am interested in studying comparative and syncretic religion, with a focus on Wicca and Christopaganism. I am beginning to look into third wave feminism, especially how it might relate to us and other marganilized sexualities and identities including asexual spectrum. All this I've said is true, but I feel it doesn't say WHO I am still. I am me. I hope some of you get to know me, and I get to know you, because a few conversations with me, and you will understand me much better than you could with pages of "about me" exposition.


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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebigchild View Post
    I'm having some difficulty describing my interests outside of ABDL issues.
    You seem to have done a pretty solid job of it, regardless.

    So, welcome to ADISC, we don't bite (unless you ask). I suggest just looking around and commenting when you feel you have something to add. You might also think about the IRC Chat. But mostly, enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traemo View Post
    You seem to have done a pretty solid job of it, regardless.
    Except that I don't feel that describing those things really does any good in explaining who I am. I've got a list of interests, but I feel few of them are intrensic to my being. If the purpose of listing my non ABDL interests is to get to know me, I don't feel that my list has accomplished its purpose. In fact, I think that I've done more in getting people to actually know me in this message than I have in the bit about my interests. What is important about a person is very often how they do something, not what they do.

    On the subject of biting, how nicely do I need to ask?

    Anyway, thank you for your warm welcome.


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    I'd have to agree: a list of interests of traits does not completely define a person. Still, it does provide a starting place for understanding someone. Really the goal isn't to define you as a person, but to define you as something other than AB, DL, IC, etc.

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