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Thread: Looking for a cartoon/comic image

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    Default Looking for a cartoon/comic image

    Not too long ago I had asked about a picture and someone came thru in spades to help me find the source, so I'm trying again. Due to a virtual volume failure, I lost an image I had that I would love to have again. I really think it is a Daphne one, but all my searches thru DeviantArt and the Internet have come up short. It is very similar to the one Daphne "Animated Kiss" (two cross-dressed boys kissing), but in this one, there is a mother off to the side, obviously making them kiss. And one of them is on his heels in order to be tall enough for them to meet for the kiss. Anybody have this one or know where it's at please?

    Thank you!


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    Try as I may, I cannot find the edit icon in order to delete this post/thread, in order to save electrons. I have found the comic I was searching for, it was on DeviantArt, I just hadn't searched for the hours it took to find it. Boy there is a lot of stuff on there!

    Thank you anyway!


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