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    i have for the past three days been at an anime convention in tennessee called MTAC. well while they may not have had full fur suit vendors they did have a few vendors selling various things that could be used by a fur. well i got me a long skinny greyish purple clip on tail and a hand made hat with the kingdom hearts logo and like a type of cat ears (real popular items at conventions)

    but hey it might not be a full suit but now i have a tail and a form of animal ears. the con has officially been sucessfull. YAY!!!

    when i get a chance to actually get a stable light source and camera i will post pics of the hat and tail.

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    I love conventions as well, they are so full of fun and new people always a new experience.

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    Yeah this was definatly an experiance. All things considered their venue was smaller than previous years and had 3000 more people than previous years. It was over booked to an extent I have never seen before and they still accepted walk ins. But still got some collectors items signed by their respective voice actors. Got the previously stated items and a vacation from home/parents/brothers/and child ( would have loved to take him but at 5 he is still a bit young for a con of this size. I did take him to a smaller one called OMG con in our home town lst year and he loved it 0. But it was small and only 3 miles from the house. This is three times that size and about 200 miles away and I was not about to carry hid diaper bag at all times along with my 50 pound backpack of mtg cards. Plus as I discovered friday I wouldnt have been able to have the big kid stroller I bought him specificly for these events too packed. He would have been told to walk or be carried and I aint lugging around an extra 45 pounds.

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    Conventions are pretty awesome. I have started getting into the habit of going to conventions in cosplay, though I don't think of it as a necessary thing to do. Cosplaying is one of the many reasons I go to conventions: so many awesome costumes to see.

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    Conventions are amazing. Question. If your son is 5 why does he still need diapers? Is he incontinent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceltot View Post
    Conventions are amazing. Question. If your son is 5 why does he still need diapers? Is he incontinent?
    He does and HE Dosent. he is For the Most Part Potty Trained but he does have ALOT of accidents and he isnt in a typical Diaper but instead a pullup. he was a late potty trainer and he takes after his daddy who was ic at that age . Not a day goes by he dont have atleast two accidents unless im on top of him 24/7. Normally he dont get pullups till bed time but with something like a convention where there is that many people. I stick him in pullups because I cant always get to a bathroom in time there are usually lines so it is just easier for both of us to just change a wet pullup 2 or 3 times as opposed to running to the bathroom every 20 miniutes and not garenteeing he will get there in time just to have to pack spare clothes with us adding to the weight and bulk and possibly even leaving early because we ran out of spare clothes.. had that problem at OMG con lucily OMG con was 3 miles from our house so i ran home and I threw him in a pullup grabed some spares then went back to the con. But I swore then that untill he gets better control over his bladder at Places like conventions where there may actually be a decent size line for a bathroom he gets pullups because if need be he can use them as a temporary bathroom. But with young children around 2-6 some form of pullup is actually quite common. One of my best friends is also here with his 4 year old daughter she has been potty trained since 2 and dont wet the bed anymore but still gets pullups at cons. I was also talking with a few parents here the oldest I have seen with a pullup here at MTAC was 8 but he was also in a very elaborate/expensive cosplay that looked difficult to get out of. Other than that 3-6 were either in pullups or had a bag full of back up clothes. Accidents in cons are common with young children. Parenting 101 plan for everything.
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    I love conventions too. I enjoy the company of my many furiends. Fursuits are fantastic, most of the public love us furs.

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