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Thread: What do your caregivers do for you?

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    Default What do your caregivers do for you?

    My fiancÚ has agreed to play a caregiver role in my life sometimes.
    We are talking about things we would expect from one another?
    What are are aome things you want from your caregivers? And things you don't want as well.

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    my daddy has changed me before, and we enjoy cuddles. sadly we haven't been able to have much daddy/cub time since he's still living with his parents.
    some typical things you might expect from a caretaker would be changing you, lots of cuddle time, reading stories, feeding, bathtime, and just being a parent-like figure in general. There isn't really a written rule-book on care taking, so just do what you are both comfortable with I would never expect daddy to do something he isn't comfortable with, and vice versa.

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    My caregiver is online-only, and we've only role-played once, but we did pretty much everything that happens in the day-to-day life of a toddler - feeding, diaper changing, getting dressed, bathtime, cuddling, even a trip to the playground. If it was real-life I'd want pretty much the same thing. You can try out different things and see what's comfortable and enjoyable for you and your caregiver. Although probably one thing I wouldn't want is to be spanked.

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    One thing mine does for me is a lot of emotional support and love. He is there to help me if my day has gone badly and some regression might help ease the pain. Besides that, it is just like what the others above me have said. It depends on your own personality, though, too. Like, my little side likes science, music, and imagination games. Lots of my game play with daddy involves these things, for example, things where he does safe at-home science experiments, or plays music or musical instruments, or participates in playing house. So lots of it can depend on what your little side's personality is like.

    You should probably refrain from being too bratty or acting up too much. It might make caring for you harder. As a caregiver, too, I would find it really off putting and frustrating. It would be too much like the headache (sometimes) of dealing with an actual child rather than the fun of roleplaying a more idealized fantasy. I personally also would not enjoy any sexual activity when my partner is regressed, but I know that varies by person - so make sure she's okay with that if you're into it. If you acted sexual without a warning or conversation about that possibility first, you might honestly deeply upset her.

    I like most things when little. It's nice to also have someone else make the decisions about activities sometimes. Since she's new to this, you might want to do easy activities at first. Like, for example, a nice Pixar or Disney film to watch while snuggling. That way she can get a feel for the role without being thrown right into having to come up with ideas or always thinking of what to say or how to speak to that side of you.

    Hope these ideas help! Have fun; you're really blessed to have such an openminded fiance.

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    It's just hard because I've never been in a position where I could have a caretaker. So when we try to have the what I want and what he's comfortable with we both come up blank.
    He's being incredibly open minded though, he lets me take my paci to bed and a bottle.

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    To preface this, this is all fantasy. As much as I like to see it as a relationship where both sides give, admittedly my smaller self is a spoiled brat. I try to keep to myself and my toys, but my caregiver will try to bond one way or another; surprise diaper checks, tickling while changing, helping me figure out my toys, and whatnot. I enjoy her time and am incredibly grateful for her care, but I play it off as if she's the lucky one graced to have these rituals with me because I like to pretend to be in charge. She sees right through this facade but plays into it anyway; in return, I give her my cooperation during nap time or bath time and try to do nice things for her once in a while. I guess I love her because of her complete understanding and acceptance of my personality; her vast amount of love towards me despite my narcissistic behavior. She's definitely more to this spoiled brat than "that lady that changes my diapers".

    So yeah, since this is a real-life thing you have going on, don't do anything I would do. :P

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    My wife is my mommy sometimes the only thing she really won't do is change me, she has a weak stomach for wet or dirty diapers. So I handle my own changes, sometimes she will feed me a bottle or baby food but my favorite thing to do is just cuddle with her when I'm all padded with my binkie and my blankie, doesn't take me long at all to fall asleep like this.

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    My gf changes me 24/7. She makes sure I am always padded. She gets fullfillment from this, taking care of me. She doesn't take care of number 2's (often) and neither do I like doing them (too messy). She often puts wine in my sippy cup when we are drinking. She will breastfeed me sometimes. She sometimes "tells" me to go to my bed (my crib). She has to put the bar down for me to get out so I have to call out to her. She mostly enjoys these things because of the intamacy/specialness it has brought. She was the scpecial one I first came out too and it has worked out well.

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    My girl is also my mummy while. I let her choose when she should be. That is one of our rules for her to accept it. When I AB I'm only 8-9 months old. It is my babyage. She always make sure that it is not planned any visits from friends or family. And it starts great set when I get home from work and dinner is eaten. When she say I'm going in the shower, I know what happens. She then clarified everything. Diapers, plastic pants, the baby onesies, so get feeding bottle, pacifier and other stuff. So we are enjoying ourselves throughout the evening to changing diapers and preparing for the night.

    Dety only thing she ever wanted to do is change messydiapers, but I agree.

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    I'm still a bit embarrassed by getting changed, so my sug has only done so a couple of times. He sets out my dinner sometimes (Though he does do almost all of the cooking), when he's not exhausted from work. I think the most routine thing he keeps up with is making me a sippy cup and sometimes a bottle at night - I prefer the former, because the latter makes me feel a bit silly. I take care of home chores, so it's easier on him, as he works aloooooooot and we're starting out at the moment and building up a collection of things, so things are kinda limited. x3 My favorite thing in the caregiving category thingy would probably be being picked up and hugged and even patted on the bottom. Or the same thing, but at night when snuggling. It's very comforting.

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