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Thread: Good Places Online for AB Clothes/Modified Nuk 5

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    Smile Good Places Online for AB Clothes/Modified Nuk 5

    What are some good places online for clothes? I'm specifically wanting a onesie.
    And then I'm also curious about the best places to order pacis from is? And from there what are some of the better guards on the modified ones?

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    Here's a coupe of places for onesies. Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby ProductsAww So Cute
    For pacis here's 25% off all NUK 5's (Latex) for APRIL 2014! they probably have largest selection of guards there is.

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    If you google search a company called 'Onesies R Us' they're super helpful. They do traditional onesies and they've just started doing adult baby rompers. They make them custom if you message them on facebook or e-mail them. I got a couple from there and they're so great. Made to measure which is pretty handy! The adult baby rompers are super cheap in particular. I got a custom MLP one and I can't recommend it enough! They have great customer service and delivery world wide etc. I spoke to one of the girls who works there over facebook and she says they want to get into the community, so literally if you have any ideas on the kind of stuff you want then they'd be happy to do them for you.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks! I had seen that site, its just so hard to pick a guard not knowing how it will actually sit against my face ... and I wasn't sure if there was a hidden gem of sites I was missing ....

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