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    Default update on me

    hey guys and girls...

    i just wanted to say how happy and safe and comfy i feel on this site... this forum is truely top notch for the diaper community... If it wasnt for you guys i would never have found the diaper that truely makes me happy.. i am found my favrorite diaper.. The molicare was a good holding diaper but i felt the tapes were a little weak when i would sleep and move around...
    so in the end i found to be in love with the -
    medium size Abri-Form AirPlus Super...
    on another note:
    i did the 24/7 for a wkend... and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be... it got me to wear in public and around people, and everyone on here is right... if someone isnt looking for a diaper then a diaper they will not see...

    thanks to this group i ahve learned alot about my diaper side!!

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