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Thread: Hi I'm Anna, 21 y/0 bi adult baby/sometimes little

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    Default Hi I'm Anna, 21 y/0 bi adult baby/sometimes little

    Hi, I'm new

    (female based in Scotland)

    I joined seen as I have never been able to talk about baby stuff with ppl in my real life, I'm a professional w/o friends who sharer a similar interest and have only confessed to a select few. Would love to discuss all the good stuff that comes w/ being an adult baby/little and speak to like-minded people, as well as help w/ the difficulties etc and hopefully can make some friends too! minded and willing to discuss other ideas/tell me what you're in to!

    Came here for stories etc but also with help, I can sometimes be a 5 y/o girl (so little I guess? Still not that familiar with categories etc) but sometimes younger 18mths etc and find it hard to find the stuff I need for dress up in UK. Sharing this kind of stuff and other general tips etc would be super helpful for me! Mainly I would love some help being introduced into the community, I'm not new to this really, but I'm new to engaging with other people about stuff and I'm not that familiar with the community etc

    My other main interests are literature/politics/feminism/winter sports/roller-blading/music.

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    Hello babygirl5 and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative introduction. You have done a good job and I do not think you will have any problems meeting people here. So the best advice I can offer is to just go into the forum threads and post a response.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post
    My other main interests are literature

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post
    winter sports

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post

    (and no, i couldn't find a suitable musical smiley)

    welcome. are you a Scot or just in Scotland? jus' saying cos i may be about to wow the world with photos of my new-ish Scotland onsie.
    and rollerblading: it's my claim to fame (one of several, i should add) to be one of the first to rollerblade in Britain (possibly amongst the first two as the bloke was doing zero business on a typically wet and windy day on Morecambe pier). big 'YAY!' me. "it's just like ice-skating!" we weeeeeeeeeeeee'd.

    i'm in Lancashire (the hilly bit, not the coastal bit).
    anyway, that's pretty much me; you'll meet the rest, later, and i can only apologize in respect of that.

    btw, what kind of AB/DL gear are you looking for?

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    Hey there Anna, welcome to ADISC

    Have you looked on Etsy for dress up stuff? They have quite a few sellers making ABDL and LG clothing, and in my experience, a lot of the sellers are quite happy to do custom orders if they don't have what you're after (I had some custom My Little Pony training pants made :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl5 View Post
    I'm a professional w/o friends who sharer a similar interest and have only confessed to a select few.
    Don't understand that bit, are you a professional relating to the world of ABDL/infantilism - Mummy, Nanny, 'Nurse', model, playdate, ABDL-aware-dancer even? Help me understand please!

    You say you're very open minded - a discuss-ive person. So, do you like old style cloth? Cloth-backed or plastic-backed disposables? Just wetting? Just soiling? Both? (sorry, but you said you're open minded and discuss-ive!) Are you single or in a relationship? And I admit that that last one is a bit pokey-abouty, I think I can save the situation by saying I'm single...there you go this could lead to an equal playing field...and by that I mean you'll notice I'm currently not splurging to you everything about my infantilistic side....actually sorry to mislead, I'm definitely DL...with slight AB tendencies.

    All that blurb aside...Welcome to ADISC, you sound like a very interesting person (more interesting than me) and I'll look at your posts and threads often. Don't get the wrong idea about me please I beg! I'm not coming onto you (seriously my whole experience of/with love is abysmal!), I'm not stalking you and I'm not going to stalk you on-line/obsess over your posts - hell no that's not me! I'm just really bad at talking to girls...on-line and in 3D (real life!).

    Enjoy the sunshine, know people who are hating on us are just jealous because they're not living an interesting alternative lifestyle, celebrate who you are, love who you are and have an all round whale of a time!

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    I don't think you'll have a hard time finding people here to talk with about your interests/lifestyles/whatever you call them (I've seen so many different phrases used ... normally I just call it "part of me")
    Enjoy the forums :]

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    It's funny, isn't it, how a person can be fully social and outgoing in all sorts of ways but have another side to themselves they keep hidden from the world., kept hidden from lovers, parents, and all sorts of other close, even intimate people. Simon and Garfunkel sang, in Mrs. Robinson, this:

    With as many people as we have onsite, there will be fans of whatever music you fancy. Scroll down to the lower portions of the front page to Adisc to find the (extensive) list of our groups and feel free to found any new ones we are lacking. Or just say what kind of things you like and we will surely suggest things to you, if you would like.We have members in all the English-speaking world, including some fabulous Scots. And what's under me Sporran is a diaper. I know, you said 'based in' Scotland not Scottish per se. Nonetheless. THIS LINK
    is the nearest thing I found to melding Scotsmen and diapers and may appeal to our anime-lovin, gamer crowd.

    As to being bi, I can think of many issues suitable for "Mature Topics" - I think there is lots of room, and a crying need for bi-specific threads. In real life I know a couple of happily married couples where one of the couple goes both ways, or, I should say, used to. Online, well... there is every variant under the sun, and you can find them all on Adisc.
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