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    I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want to be caught by my parents. Well, at least my mom anyways. I have been wanting to tell her about my "little" side for a while. I do not find being an ab or a little as a sexual thing. Before you start saying it is a sexual fetish I am sure there are other people who feel it isn't sexual. I have almost just walked into their room with my pacifier and have my mom respond to that, but I know it is really stupid. The only reason I want to be caught is because I know I don't have the heart to just tell them. I have already went through it when I came out to them two years ago about being gay, and I can't imagine what they would say if I came out with this. I would rather be caught and have to explain it that way. I know it is stupid and crazy I just don't want to break my mom's heart, but at the same time I don't want to keep hiding who I really am. Am I stupid or insane because of this?
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    You don't NEED to tell your parents you know? It's a sexual fetish, this is stuff they'd probably rather not know anyway. Sexual orientation is different because that is readily apparent and affects your everyday life, like your parents seeing you with a boyfriend.

    You can be whatever you want man. If you want to tell your parents, then fine. I'm just saying it's going to be awkward for both parties and that it really isn't any of their business.

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    I would have to disagree with DaddyDorito a little bit on this subject. Being caught by the parents was actually liberating to me, since now I don't have to hide anything (for the most part). Of course, I've never come out to them that I would rather be with a man, but I think they would be less forgiving about that then the whole ABDL thing. I'll tell you though, depending on your parents, it won't just be akward, it can be down right hell. Some instantly assume the worst, some are like 'whatever'. Ultimately, take how your parents reacted when you came out the first time. Consider all of it, and think about it carefully.

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    I know, but I just would feel a little better if I didn't have to hide anything with them. I don't like hiding things from my mom she is like my best friend in a way and I just feel bad.

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    While telling parents does wind up beneficial on occasion, the comments I've read and the polling we've done tells me that it's a risky proposition at best and one where the potential positives rarely outweigh the negatives.

    It's a funny thing, but managing yourself as an ABDL requires a good deal of maturity. You have to learn when it is best to keep this private and when to share and with whom. To that end, I think the best advice I can give is to give this careful consideration. You know your own situation and family best but since you can't untell, you need to be as sure as you can before you do. If you do decide to share this, the one concrete piece of advice I would give is to be grown up enough to tell directly rather than manufacturing the crisis of getting caught. Everyone involved deserves better than that.

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    Thank you Trevor and Azie. When I came out to my parents the first time my mom didn't care, but my dad was the one who had a problem with it. However, he doesn't now and he has even told me about questioning himself when he was at my age as well. I know they deserve better than just to catch me and I am seriously now reconsidering my original thought. I just remember how hard it was to do it the first time, and thought that maybe it would be easier if they knew but I explained it to them afterwards. Now I am even thinking of my younger siblings, and the examples I need to set for them. So, I think I will just hold it in for now, and just wait until I have my own place and don't have to worry about it. Thank You so much for the help

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    I think he means, good decision, and this thread has probably come to an end. I read through it too, and I think you've made a good decision. I got caught by my mom and it did not go well at all. She sent me to a psychiatrist, hoping that I would somehow feel differently. It just doesn't work that way.

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    Ah Yeah I decided ultimately against it. I know it would not end well and yes this thread has just came to an end.

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