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Thread: Need Recommendation for Bulky Diaper

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    Default Need Recommendation for Bulky Diaper

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for to find a diaper that is pure white is very bulky. Can anyone recommend such that is available to deliver in Europe?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    The only bulky diapers that I am aware of are AB Cushies, and even then they are only semi-bulky. My suggestion would be to order any good brand of pure white adult diapers and buy some booster pads as well. The boosters help to increase the bulk of the diaper, plus it adds the benefit of prolonging the wear-time. That's just my two-cents, though

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    If you want bulky buy cloth diaper and go up a size , are you in uk ? look on Amazon for kosicare as they make cloth one

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    I believe the diaper you are looking for is DryDayz. You can order them from or They ship from the UK I think.

    I would also look for Abena abri-form l4, comficare l10 or kolibri comslip plus. If you don't mind cloth cover then tena slip ultimate.

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    If you want white plastic backed bulk disposable, do what I do. I take two Abri form L4 diapers and perforate their outer shell with a Wartenberg Wheel. I put them on and then top it with an Attends 10 w/waistband. I'll then tuck the waistband in over the other two. I am then wearing a very thick white plastic backed diapie.

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