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Thread: Hello Everyone.

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    Default Hello Everyone.

    Hi I am a new here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronyPony14 View Post
    Hi I am a new here.
    Welcome BronyPomy14! Since we like to know a little about each other, what are some of your non-AB/DL interests? For example, I see you're a gamer. What are your favorite games? Obviously, you're a Brony. What MLP is your favorite?

    You might be interested in this group: MLP we have here.

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    Hello BronyPony14, welcone to ADISC, i hope you enjoy your stay here and make some friends that share your interest.

    Why dont you say more about yourself, in your profile it says that you enjoy drawing, reading and videogames. What is your favorite book? And videogame?

    I also enjoy drawing and videogames, the avatar i have i made it myself, and my favorite vudeogames are the sonic the hedgehog franchice

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    Thanks! My favorite video games are kingdom hearts and anything pokemon. My favorite pony is either rainbow dash or big mac. My favorite book as of now is actually The Hunger Games. I like to draw anime or video game characters mostly. I also play a little guitar and I like to play card games such as yugioh and pokemon.

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    Cool, i like kh and pokemon too, and the trading card game (but i cant play it, where i live there is only 2 store where they sell them).

    Do you watch animes? Reciently i just finished watching anohana, gin no saji (silver spoon), gundam build fighter and nobunagun

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    I love anime haha I have watched Soul Eater. Full Metal Alchemist. Dragon Ball Z, GT. I have also watched Yugioh/GX/5D's/Zexal and I am now watching ArcV. Digimon and Pokemon were a must when I was younger and I still love them to this day.

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    I have watched them too, except yu-gi-oh zexal, i couldnt stand it... But i like most of them, my favorite is digimon adventure, i watch it all in just 1 day!!!

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    Just 1 day? I thought that was like impossible. Well maybe for me anyway I have a somewhat short attention span to things. I have switched from show to show and it drives everyone crazy. I start off with something like Pokemon, and after a month I would change to Digimon or Yugioh. Its really confusing even for me.

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    Yeah i was obseced with it at that time, didnt stop watching it for eat or anything

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    Wow... That is amazing I couldn't do it.

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