I feel like there's too many people who struggle with a relationship due too the fear of rejection caused by their non-common fetish.So I'm posting this to maybe enlighten some,encourage some,push some to take the risk and to never give up hope BC your not alone.

My relationship with my beautiful girlfriend all began 2 years ago. I had just moved to a small town with am extremely small school. I began making friends with the gamers and the rednecks BC that's where I've always belonged along with the football team I was on. Well everyday I'd pass down the hall to get on the bus that would take me to the trade school; well there was this girl who was always sitting in the floor looking so beautiful in every way and somewhat a country girl. Id passed by her a thousand times but was always too shy to ask her her' name. Well months gone by and one of my best friends started dating her best friend. I knew then that was my ticket. So I asked my buddy to get her name and number...and before I could say anymore my friend stopped me and handed me this slip that had her name on it and her number along with when the best time to get ahold of her was. It turned out she noticed me everyday too :-) . Well we got together and became the perfect couple until I began pondering how i was gonna break the news I'm an diaper lover. So one night I tell her that I have bladder problems and often have to wear depends. well she not only accepted that but told me that she has to wear briefs due to her heavy bleeding during PMS. Well a year flew by and were still love bugs but she still hadn't seen me in any kind of diaper. Well she would come over to my house to use my computer for her school projects. Well to make a long story shorter she looked through my history bar and found abdl sites and found my stash. When she finally confronted me she kept asking or making babyish comments until she ripped off her pants and to my surprise she was wearing a nappie of mine. Well after much cuddleing and explaining she told me how she was interested in it too but more as a ab . As of now weve been together near 3 years and still love and need each other. She loves coming over and having play dates and such (we don't live together due to college woes).

I hope this inspires some people to never give up BC "life is a dance you learn as you go".