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Thread: What are you a fan of?

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    Default What are you a fan of?

    Everyone has a collection of something or a favorite tv show/video game. Just curious to know what everyone is a fan of.

    For me I am into video games, they range from Skylanders to Team Fortress
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    In the television realm, I am a Spongebob nut. I have every season, a framed picture from circa 2000, and even bedsheets.

    Elsewhere, I love american civil war era history. I am a reenactor, so not only do I have both union and confederate uniforms, but I also have a range of civil war regalia adorning my dresser, my bookshelf, and some stuff even in my closet.

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    i am a huge anime fan.

    i have 9 seasons of dbz and am going to get the two seasons of gt also.

    i love naruto also. i plan on getting those on dvd also when i can afford to.

    i am also a big computer/pc gamer with a loove for strategy games and rpgs.

    i also like to play and watch tennis and am a member at my local club and i play 2 times a week up there.

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    -takes a deep breath- This is going to be a long one, so...

    TV Shows/Movies/Books - Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avatar: TLA/LOK, How To Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Deltora Quest

    Games - Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Dangan Ronpa

    Anime - Naruto, Hayao Miyazaki, One Piece, Tiger & Bunny, RWBY,

    Miscellaneous - Bionicle, Homestuck, Prequel

    If I missed any, I'll be sure to update XD

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    I am a huge anime/manga/manwha fan, i will just mention the series tha i have watched or readed more than 4 times:

    Gin no saji, tower of god, fullmetal alchemist, death note, bakuman, kagerou days, iris zero, beck, hajime no ippo, lucky star and digimon.

    Videogames: mario, sonic, the legend of zelda, pokemon, final fantasy, disgaea, ragnarok online, wakfu and pretty much every rpg.

    Music: vocaloid!!! In every language posible

    Cartoons: wakfu (its an mmorpg but have a cartoon serie)

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    Single malt scotch, British longarms and basically anything written by Stephen King and Neil Gaiman

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    america's cup racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    america's cup racing
    Especially when your country has stretch the rules to beat us .

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    I have a money collection, a dragon collection, and a lighter collection. I used to have a videogame collection until it was stolen, im starting a My Little Pony collection, and im going to start collecting foxes now, probably instead of dragons.

    I like to play strategy and simulation type games especially racing, i also like hack and slash type games(such as diablo, Dynasty Warriors, and LOTR: Return of the King), and I've put thousands of hours into Runescape, Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2.

    As far as TV goes, i mainly like documentaries and educational type television, I also like anime, but i will watch sitcoms, sci-fi, drama, and reality shows too. My favorite show has to be Top Gear UK, but I also really love MLP:FIM, Justified, Vikings, Being Human, and more.

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