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Thread: What To Pack For A Play Date?

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    Smile What To Pack For A Play Date?

    im going to a play date with some ab friends next week from a few days, and i was wondering what would be good thinks to take for a play date?
    Thanks erl

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    sippy cup/bottle, plushie('s), at least two diapers per day + a pack of baby wipes and powder and a sleeper for bed.

    and you know, someone to check/change you. Unless they got a caretaker who's more then happy help out others.

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    i would suggest a paci for sleep but thats ur call

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    Anything and everything you want, all of the above Clothes, diapers, bottles, paci's, any special comfort items, crayons, your favourite colouring book ect ^_^

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    maybe some of your toys that you like to play with maybe if you have some.

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    I would pack any of your favorite toys and stuffed animals,diapers and changing supplys. Anything that helps you sleep at night a paci, or a favorite blankie.

    Sounds like a lot of fun

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    Well, that sounds like fun! I would bring diapers, wipes, powder, clothes, paci, plushie(s) and some toys.

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    Ooh, fun. Of course, some of my toys; I'll bring a paci, teddy, footies if I'm sleeping over; Of course diapers, powder, wipes, bag to put dirty diapers in.

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