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    I know. ABUniverse carries a stigma. But lets not think about that for a moment.

    From the time I learned about ABUniverse when I was 15, I've wanted to try the Cushies cloth like. Its half a decade later and I'm finally ready to order some. Just to give them a try.

    I order large in cushies regular, but I'm curious as to whether thats the actual correct size.

    I'm 5'11 and 190lbs with broad shoulders. I wear a 34/30 or 36/30 in Aeropostale jeans.

    Should I order medium or large?


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    I have a 32" to 34" waist and I order mediums. I can put a pad inside for more absorbancy/bulk and they still fit great. Larges are too big on me unless I fill them up with tons of pads but then they leak easy. If the size of the larges work for you and are not too big I would say stick with them. The best advise I can give is order samples of both and see what works best on you.

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    i don't order from them for a few reasons and sizing is one of them. i guess i am between sizes but i get the mediums and i cant get them around my waist i get the large and they fit my waist fine but are flipping massive around the legs so even tight on the waist there is almost 3-5 inches of air between my skin and the leg holes. that and they are paper thin all around a horrible product if you plan on getting use out of them. but they are the only Cloth like Diapers on the market with perfect Tabs as they use the almost velcro style and cool prints. but get a sample pack of both medium and Small. i read your dimensions i am bigger than you and the larges are HUGE on me so you will most likely fall in medium or possibly upper Small

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