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Thread: Footed pajamas... with a twist!

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    Default Footed pajamas... with a twist!

    Imagine it...
    You go to put on your footed pajamas and as you put it on you notice a bulge in the pajamas, no it's not your usual diaper, it's one that is built in to the pajamas... I want that so much, I think it would be awesome!

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    It could work, it would have to have a plastic layer on it though, and would probably get hot, and you might have pee running down your leg, not that that wouldn't be kinda funny.

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    I see leaks everywhere...........!

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    And, if you go the other route, it's hard enough getting out of a messy diaper, let alone a messy pair of pajamas. Maybe if the diaper is part of a trap door feature?

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    My favorite footed PJ twist is when they get zipped up and you find a hoop on the zipper pull that gets locked to a collar. No way to get out for quite a while.

    If you include locking plastic panties, you are very securely diaper-bound.

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    I rather have footed pyjamas that make me incon when putting it on, thats a real twist..

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    This sounds pretty much like a diaper suit. What if the footed pjs were completely waterproof and had a diaper layer on the entire inside? Each square inch would be as absorbent as an Abena or Tena Slip Maxi, so the pjs would hold 20 or 30 times what a regular diaper would hold.

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    It may be just me, but I'd love a pair of footie pajamas that cover my whole body, and act as a giant cloth "all in one" diaper >.>

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    I have to admit that I have actually fantasized about a body type of diaper. More for the BDSM crowd I guess.

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