I normally use Tena Flex, but I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my supplier also carries Abri-Wings in M3 so I decided to try a pack, and oh boy am I disappointed. I can see why everyone is complaining about the cloth backing and it's nothing like the cloth backing on the Tena Flex.

Not only is it stiff and uncomfortable, also while it claims to be a better absorbency than the Tena Maxis, it's really not, and I've had three out of six leak on me so far. I've also noticed that the odor control on the Abenas is awful-to-non-existant.

The only way that the Abena is superior to the Tena Flex is that it's slightly wider at the back.

So I take back everything I've said on the past about cloth-backed diapers being fine for me, and I will re-phrase it; Cloth-backed Tenas are fine...