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Thread: strangley accepting non-AB friends?

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    Default strangley accepting non-AB friends?

    have you ever had a person in your life that's strangely accepting of your AB lifestyle?

    i seemingly do, heres my experience:
    so i had a friend turn up last night as i was curled up on the couch with a pacifier and one of my girlfriends plush toys sleeping quietly and my girlfriend answers the door, lets said friend in and she proceeds to wake me up, so the first thing she sees when i wake up is me clutching this puppy plush toy with a pacifier in my mouth, so naturally i rushed up, covered the AB things with the blanket i had over me and walked into the other room.
    i discussed it with her this morning openly and honestly because i felt i might as well tackle the issue so there was no awkwardness the response i got from her was "well i still sleep with my batman plushie all the time so no biggie, its not my place to judge people "
    which out of all the responses is probably the best one i could hope for really.

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    All my friends have responded with rather bland 'oh, okay, whatever's. with the exception of my most recent gf, she liked it, and enjoyed it when she got to catch me all vulnerable (she was a bit of a domme in nature).

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    I have a possibly rare opportunity to talk about this one. While I will both admit and agree that being AB or DL is not something to shout from rooftops and shove into peoples faces I have been 100% open about it to everyone publicly. It is a bit hypocritical but the only reason I am doing so is to help people understand and help us accept ourselves.

    That said... I don't just say, "Hi, I am Mitch and I wear diapers." But I do not hide the fact that I have a passion for video / singing / writing / youtube. So always one person will ask me about my Youtube and I give them a gentle warning that I am a little odd.

    So, that said... my experience is once people find out the news spreads like crazy, it's like people become little gossipy children. So... I come to my main point which is my 2 cents on peoples reactions and how understanding they are.....!

    Generally, it is as I said where they talk behind your back. When I come into a room I know right away because they stop talking. So I openly accuse them of it ( all in fun of course. ) It's always possible to see the ones that don't understand and judge you. You can see it in they're eyes. They usually become very reserved around you. You become:

    "that guy" that does "those things."
    The questions they tend to ask (whether openly or inside they're head.) are:
    "I bet they're wife/mom/sister doesn't like it. I bet they this I bet that (assumption assumption etc.) (Actually you can expect primarily negative assumptions over anything from these types of people.)

    Some people become openly curious. They go as far as to ask exactly what do you do. They can ask direct questions. These people are some of the most confusing because they can seem incredibly interested to the point of asking questions like does your wife take care of you? And "Are you looking for someone to take care of you?" Yes, I have actually been asked that question. Like I said, these people can be very confusing!

    I think I can sum it up in the end here. My close friends all know about my little side. These are the friends that I have in my cell phone. People that I could call up and hang out with and if I had a diaper on under my clothes it wouldn't be a big deal. I'm not saying a friend that's skittish about diapers is a bad friend or anything... but my friends all have to be more understanding than that... I need friends that can accept me for me. My friends know I have a little side and they know it's a part of me.

    A true friend will accept you for you.

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    It was strange my 2 best friends accepted me for who I am, I took a big leap to tell them my lil side one day, and they accepted me. Now they kind of treat me like a little kid sometimes out at random and on occasion gives me toys. I don't have to hide it much anymore. Probably the best feeling ever.

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    I've told people, kinky and non-kinky. People have found out without my consent. In non of those cases were the reactions bad. Pretty bland actually ^^' It's mostly 'oh, cool' and then carrying on with whatever we were doing. I know however that I, and everyone else in such a position, are very very lucky however So treasure it!

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    I have had nothing but good reactions. I don't ever tell anyone about my little life but a few times I just got caught in a situation where I had to somewhat explain myself, and my friends have accepted me and love me as much as they always have.

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    I've slowly been telling my friends more and more. By doing so, i found out one of my close friends was an ABDL too. Oddly, most of them I tell end up wanting to try pacifiers, with a few also willing to try diapers. And they all agree I look adorable in my "getup". One of them has even agreed to go out shopping with me for diapers and pacifiers and other "supplies." Growing up feminine, however, all of those I have mentioned are females... As I often am intimidated by males, but the few I have and told were also interested, but not as interested in it.... Some luck I have...? I do feel bad though as I often think how bad others seem to have it telling friends :C

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    I have told several of my close friends and all of my BFs/GFs and they have all had neutral or positive reactions about it. Most have no real desire to try it out or anything, but i have had 1 friend to express interest in trying and both my BFs did it once, im sure they'd do it again but i don't want to ask them to. I don't see this as strange really because they are my close friends.

    The worst that ever happened was when I was 14 and told/showed a slightly younger friend, at first he didn't seem to care, but i made a bit of a spectacle out of it, after that there was a little teasing but the subject went pretty much untouched. Until, 2 new friends moved to the neighborhood, we were walking by where i disposed of it(which as part of the spectacle i left it out in the open), and the first friend brought the subject up, and afraid of further teasing I denied the incident and played it off like the first friend was just joking with me. I denied that it ever happened to all 3 of them ever since, and its been long forgotten.

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    Haven't really got any negative reactions to this. Up until I was the 17 it was top secret, and then one of my friends went through the history on my laptop and found ..... things. I come downstairs after getting out of the shower to see 4 of my close friends watching some porn off a streaming site. They said the look on my face was priceless. Fortunately nothing bad except a few jokes after the fact was the worst I got. All of them respect it and haven't let the secret out.

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