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Thread: Buying adult diapers!

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    Default Buying adult diapers!

    Well, as anyone on these forums knows, buying diapers for the first time isn't easy. It totally sucked when I did it, but now I go into stores to regularly purchase Goodnites and Luvs, no bones about it. Though I face myself with a problem. With Luvs, I put two together to make an effective diaper, yet the tapes still come undone, and Goodnites are very good, though not as thick as I want them to be, and they are pull-up style, not diaper style.

    Of course, buying Luvs doesn't do much to me, and when I buy Goodnites of the opposite gender, things tend to be easier. Buying adult diapers alone is really, really daunting for me Care to share stories about the first time that you bought adult diapers? Also, the most recommended brands, preferably thick, I don't want to grab the wrong package and go through all the trouble for nothing.

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    Well, since the first time I have always bought not one but two packages at once and stay somewhat careless about it, if they, by any chance, ask if the diapers are for me, I tell them that they are for my aunt who's sick; if they laugh at me or do something strange, I violently stare at them until they shut down. I'm ok buying them but jesters tend to be quite annoying.

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    Default very first time trying to get diapers....I was barely 14, a frosh at a high pressure high school, and I tried to steal diapers from the local market b/c I was scared to buy I stuffed two goodnights down my pants....well...this was a dodgy part of town and the store had cameras in the ceiling.....and I got caught steeling diapers while my mum was buying groceries....I had to make up a good story and barely dodged the certainly don't make the mistake I did.....gosh that was stupid of me...never did it again.

    The first time I bought adult diapers I think I bought Depends and every time I went to buy them I would pace around the store....totally nervous as all get up....then when the incontience isle was clear of people....I'd march down the isle like I was going to battle, grab the bag of adult diapers...and march straight to the cashier where I'd nervously tell the cashier that I was buying diapers for my grandparent and how they weren't for which point the nice cashier lady smiled, winked her eye, and didn't say anything....I was totally embarrassed.....

    After that experience i worked on being more casual and calm about the whole thing...I made up a better sob story and strategy by walking into the store, casually going down the diaper isle, making a fake cell phone call in which I asked "'s me...what size is Grandpa? Which ones does he need?" as I paced up and down the diaper section looking at all the adult diapers trying to see which ones I wanted....then when I found them I quickly ended my phone call "Okay Grandma...I found them...I'll be home in just a bit..." then I grabbed them, walked to the cashier (a different one) and when the nice cashier asked me how my day was going I replied something to the effect of "Oh...a bit stressfull...grandpa's home from the hospital today and not doin' so well...." to which she was sympathetic and usually asked what the issue was and I would make up some medical condition that feasibly warranted diaper use (UTI - Urinary Tract Infection, was always a good one, so was prostate surgery).

    Now I don't say anything, I just walk up and buy them or order them online.

    I don't think the cashiers care, its not like they go home and talk about their strange little diaper buying customers around the dinner table...

    I think all the hub bub and paranoia around us buying diapers is self-inflicted paranoia that we let our imaginations grab hold of and warp into huge dramatic adrenaline pumping adventures which really only exist inside our own heads...


    PS - Don't buy Depends....waste of money....
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    Well, best advice I have is: don't think about it. I used to walk around and get all worked up for no reason, too. But, I found it was easiest to just grab and don't think, just do it.

    And, just be sure to grab "fitted briefs" in your size. Depends aren't the greatest, but they may be the best option you have depending on the store. Most places also have a store brand you could try. Neither will be super thick, as for thicker diapers you will have to order online.

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