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Thread: Abena VS Bambino VS Secure

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    Default Abena VS Bambino VS Secure

    Does anyone have experience with the Bambino diapers?

    I've been using Abena & Molicare diapers and recently learned about Bambino & Secure.

    I've done a bit of reading and it would appear that the Bambino's are thicker and more absorbent than both Abena & Secure. Anyone have experience?

    Also...what's the big difference between Abena & Secure?


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    I have used Abena and Molicare for the past few years. However, I did try Bambino and found them to be much thicker and overall more absorbent, but the fluff is entirely pulp. Gel is what makes the diaper wick fluid into all the parts of the diaper. The pulp will hold quite a bit, but without any gel, you are likely to leak and then discover that the back of the diaper is completely dry. I've stuck with Abena.

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    I just got a pack of Secure XP - I like them, they fit better than the Abena XP - however they have this HUGE Tape Zone on the front that is like hard plastic; like what you wrap toys in on the shelf at the toy it doesn't exactly feel all that Baby like.

    I think I'm going to go back to Abena after I go through these Secures.

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    Bambino is specifically an AB product and expensive. Essentially a high capacity adult diaper with more fluff inside and a baby print stuck on it. If baby prints are your thing then maybe worth a shot, but you could just buy Abena and stick on your own prints.

    Abena holds a vast amount (less than Bambino?), but I do find if worn for an extended period the gel will "clump up" inside and it starts to fall apart. Also can have a strange smell if left wet for too long.

    Can't comment on Secure.

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    Bambino and AB Kingdom are modified Secure X plus, they are thicker and made by Secure.

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    I've talked to people that use Abena and they really like them, they say they're really absorbant and all and very very comfy. DailyDiapers has reviews on some if not all of these, I haven't been on there in such a long time but their reviews can be useful.

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