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Thread: So Close, But Yet So Far Away --A Missed Opportunity

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    Default So Close, But Yet So Far Away --A Missed Opportunity

    So, I recently was out of town for work. On the last day of my stay at the hotel, I go downstairs and find myself at a furry convention!!!

    I was speechless. . .

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    . . . But before I proceed, I need to explain a bit. I have only realized my baby furriness for a little less than a year. However, as I have begun to explore this world, I have been fascinated that there are actually conventions where people can go to share in their furry side with others. I have thought how neat it would be to actually participate, but I really haven't thought much about being able to do so.

    Well, here I was, actually there at a Furry Convention, Biggest Little Fur Con 2014, in Reno, NV!!! I had no idea the convention was going to be there. I simply was walking through the hotel when I start to see people in fur suits. It was so awesome!!

    But, alas, I was there for a different conference and there were many of my co-workers about that were also lodged in the hotel. As much as I was dying to join in, I simply couldn't take the risk. I did talk with a few folks outside of the main convention hall, but I simply couldn't take the chance of registering and participating.

    It is one of those situations where you just think, if only...
    If only I was here alone,...
    Or, if only I could stay another day after all my co-workers left,...

    But apparently it wasn't meant to be.

    So close, but yet so far away...

    1. Has anyone else had an experience like this?
    2. What would you have done?
    3. Was anyone here (besides me) actually at this convention?

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    I certainly would look up the group on the web. Why not plan a vacation and join in. Once your dressed for the festivities no one will know it's you. I never had something like that happen to me, but
    now that you are aware...join in.

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    Reminds me of when I was at RMFC, my Mom texts me and asks what hotel I am at, she then proceeds to tell me that's where she will be later that night. Pretty Awesome.

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    You probably could have gone in and chatted with some people. If your co-workers asked, the honest truth wouldn't even be a bad answer: you were curious. Next time.

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