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Thread: Do you like your beverages cold in winter?

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    Question Do you like your beverages cold in winter?

    I do drink cold drinks and eat ice cream in winter just like it was summertime.
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    ya, I actually don't really drink anything hot

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    Depends on the beverage, but yeah I drink them cold. Soft drinks, juice and water NEED to be cold for me...the colder the better

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    I voted No, but I didn't actually mean to... I apparently just forgot how to read briefly. I don't really drink soda much, but water has to be cold, no matter what the temperature is outside.

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    Cold drinks are the only way to go for me. There's nothing worse than a hot drink, even if it's coffee.

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    Didn't know quite how to vote. If I've been outside in the cold doing stuff I want warm or hot beverages when I come in. If I've been in the warm house all day while it's cold outside, I like cold beverages. Also, many years ago my wife and I used to get ice cream cones in the Winter and sit in the cold car to eat them. I still wouldn't mind doing that if ice cream didn't blow my stomach up so much.


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    I don't like most hot drinks, and I really have hot chocolate which is the only one I do like. So yeah, I drink cold drinks, mostly pop of some sort. Though my favourite is probably orange juice that has been in a fridge so it is cool without being cold. As for ice cream, eating ice cream/ice lollies in what we consider low temperatures is practically a british pasttime, and something I do quite a bit.

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