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    Well folks I have to write a report (hoo-bloomin'-ray!) in my upcoming semester concerning the use of tension, suspense, storyline and a whole host of elements in a recent film... so it's gonna be Changeling cos I loved it.

    And we're generally a strongly opinionated bunch here so I thought you guys could maybe help me out
    So, um... what did you think?

    If you haven't seen it, click that back button, unless you want it SPOILED! Which I know some of you haven't as it's not been released in every country yet for some bizarre reason.

    I loved it, despite not being a massive fan of Clint Eastwood.

    It was one of those films that provoked a whole chain of thoughts for me: what if I were in her shoes? Well... i'd have her shoes, but that's besides the point.

    Seriously though, it spoke to me emotionally. And I don't really get emotional from films as I can usually keep myself alienated by reminding myself that I'm just one of however many million spectators.

    For some parts, which if you've seen the film you could work out which - would probably have seriously messed with my head had I been a few years younger. When pain is inflicted on a helpless character, for example, for whatever reason I find somewhat disturbing.

    And let's be fair, the film wasn't short of that.

    So the film sort of threw itself at me through positive and negative, despite the fact that it was generally quite a depressing film.

    Most of all, he did what I bloody well knew he would do... and leave me with that mind-numbing question that we'll never ever know the answer to...
    What the hell happened to Walter Collins?

    And honestly, it pisses me off. It's not like I needed that happy ending where he and his mother were re-united, but just... something that told us if he was at least dead or alive.

    I mean I was half expecting to hear it from that Northcott dude, but instead got a wee rendition of Silent Night - quite funny, but still pissed me off.

    Like almost every other movie it's "based on a true story", but this film really opens your eyes because it doesn't skip on a single detail, giving it the edge of believability.

    So yeah,some feedback about what you thought Mr Eastwood may have done right or wrong, if you agree or disagree, or more importantly something I didn't pick up on as I can't remember it all just now. I've been quite vague with what I've written there which is cool, I'll translate it to "essay literacy" later. But it would be really helpful and really appreciated to get some in-depth opinions that aren't my own Thanks!!!

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    I didn't see it and I don't think I will. It just seams like it would be boring.

    As for not finding out if the kid is alive or dead well movies have been doing that a lot lately especially these sorts of movies. "No Country For Old Men" ended with some plot holes they didn't bother to fill in. "There Will Be Blood" had a VERY odd ending that even I still don't really get. So in the end I guess these directors think its cool to leave the audience hanging.

    Also "No Country For Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood" were very good movies, though There Will Be Blood did go on for a bit long.

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    Your right it doesn't look all that great... when all you have to go by is advertising. But they really don't do the film justice. If I could I'd pay you to see it cos it really is worth watching even though it does drag on quite long - but with good reason

    And yes, I did see No Country for Old Men with the whole "I woke up" thing going on at the end which just drew some of the reality from the film a little bit. That film actually did bore me. Haven't seen There Will Be Blood but have been told that it's pretty good. Either way the cliff-hanger really wound me up as it holds the answer that creates the mystery that is the entire film... if that makes sense.

    Well thanks anyhoo. No Country for Old Men makes for a good comparison when it comes to the film's structure =]

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