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Thread: Home Internet prices? What do you pay and what do you have?

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    Default Home Internet prices? What do you pay and what do you have?

    let me tell you a little about myself and my situation before asking my question here.

    Im currently a college student and I only work part time around 20 hours per week at a crappy job stocking produce. I live with my mom who is disabled and only gets disability. I pay what ever bills her disability doesnt pay for like the rest of the rent and all the utilities and my own car and cell phone. Needless to say I'm only down to $20 at the end of the month.

    I've been sharing internet with my neighbour with permission of course. Now here is my dilemma he changes stuff all the time and sometimes I get no internet for days on end. I need internet for school and I hardly have any money at all at the end of the month. As if this morning I have no internet and there is homework I need to do and the local library only gives you an hour I need like 3-5 hours. I don't want to drive to campus all the time which is 20 miles on the weekends etc.

    I'm just curious just to get an idea, how much do you pay for internet? What do you have as a service provider? What do you use it for surf the web? Netflix? Gaming?

    I would just like to get a rough idea even if I can't afford it. Thanks!

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    I have Comcast, but it is a bundle package and definitely not $20 a month. You covered all of my suggestions, so I have nothing else other then maybe finding a free internet at the local coffee shop or similar place.

    By the way I belong to the exact same fraternity* (mhcr) when I went to college. Do not let anyone look down on you for that.


    *MHCR= Mommy has a cheap room.

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    Communistcast! I was paying $120 a month for their cheepist cable internet package, but dropped TV altogether recently lowering my bill to $65 a month.

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    Where I live I don't directly pay anything. But I do have free WiFi as one of the perks. All my bills are also paid.

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    Internet and phone (landline) via AT&T. By the time you get all the fees in, and Obama and the Democratic People's Republic of Illinois take their cut, its around $65/month. On the bright side, their quality of service sucks. I'm keeping my eyes open for better options, but here the choices are Comcast or AT&T. Neither is interested in doing anything for me unless I also sign up for a TV package (I get local channels free via antenna). I could drop the monthly somewhat for 6 or 12 months, but on top of that, there are installation and equipment charges if I change.

    I hope someone here tells me I'm full of it. If there's a way to get internet for $20, I'd drop the landline in a heartbeat and be all over it.

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    Since everyone is saying it's more than 20 a month, the only alternative I can think of is that I know so many places have free WiFi these days. I think a lot of Starbucks have it, and they are all over. There are probably more places in your neighborhood with free WiFi than the library, and hopefully you can find a place where you are comfortable and can work. You can probably bring headphones or earbuds and play white noise or classical music if it's a little too noisy.

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    Got time Warner here.
    Have a tv(with 2 hi-def receiver, tho dunno why since I rarely watch tv), land line phone, and internet (50mbs I think it is)
    Its like $170 month. My dad pats it thankfully.

    As said dunno why we have the hi-def box things.
    There like $11 month each for having them,I think they charge $1-2 for each remote too a month.

    Tho with same set up its not really better in price with different companies in my area.

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    i got comcast, which for me is around $50/mo for internet. Since i started work i also picked up a hotspot plan with tmobile. i get a company discount so i pay $32/mo for 4.5gb of 4g speed and unlimited 3g/2g speed

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    I have CenturyLink DSL at $40/month. I have no landline phone service, nor any cable TV service, and pay a combined $99/month for my wife's and my cell phones with a wimpy 200Mb/month data plan (per phone), which has so far proven adequate. Phones are on AT&T. So my total communications bill works out to about $140/month -- still more than I'd like.

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