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    I went to a medical supply store today in hopes that they'd have some tranquility ATNs in stock. They only had ATNs in bariatric size, but they had some other diaper also made by tranquility called "Select". Not wanting to leave empty handed, I bought a pack of 12 for 7 bucks.

    They're pretty unremarkable in terms of absorbency, and I wouldn't have posted about them except that they remind me very much of XP medicals absorbency plus diapers. The plastic feels the same, they both lack leak guards, they both have the blue strip running up the center, and they both have the same filling that turns to gel when wet. The only differences seem to be that these have refastenable tapes and wetness indicator, lack the quilting on the inside, and hold about 1/3rd as much as the level 3's I tried (so they're like an absorbency plus level 1?). They also come in small, which is pretty cool. I'm thinking they might end up replacing depends fitted as my cheap "I just want to have fun for an hour without wasting 2 bucks" diaper.

    Has anyone else tried these before? Am I completely off base comparing them to the XP medical diaper?

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    I am so very happy to hear that these diaper companies or lease one of them are making an effort to recognize people that are very full figured who need diapers, too. I should write them a letter and tell them thank you for including people that need larger size diapers, they're not always easy to come by.

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