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Thread: Wanting to meet a female who can accept me

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    Default Wanting to meet a female who can accept me

    Why is it so hard to find a female, lady and woman who can accept me and understand that my diapers don't define me but are apart of me!! I have been so shy because I relax and feel normal when I wear a diaper! I have explored both aspects of the abdl world! I love to feel secure and to be able to relax, I would love to meet a wonderful woman who can just accept me

    I guess what I'm saying is I could be a drug user a womanizer but instead I am a man, who sometimes likes the feeling and comfort of a diaper! I just want someone to "get me" and is okay for me to be myself
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    Know the feeling, but I don't know the solution, I always hear that patience is involved. It's super frustrating, but don't settle for somebody that won't get you, I don't think it is worth it.

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    I'm so with you on meeting a women who excepts diapers and the above side of someone. It would becawsome to have a Mommie or a babysitter

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    I agree Tyger not going to settle!!

    I don't want a Mommie or babysitter I want a partner who just loves me for me and accepts me and wants to make me happy!!

    But a baby sitter or Mommie would be soooo awesome!!
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    It's an ongoing struggle for most folks to find partners who take them for who they are. They exist though. I should know having someone that In the meantime, love the person that you are. In time, your partner just compliments that.

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    But a Mommie or babysitter could turn into a life long commitment you never know

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    It's hard enough to find someone that understands our love for diapers and are kinks, I had a relationship with someone just like me "diapered 24/7 IC",
    it didn't workout....... but it is sooooo hard to find that special someone, that will except our kink.
    But it would be nice to have someone to change or play with. I know where your coming from.

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    Pamperme that's what I'm hoping for!! Someone to accept me and humor me!!

    Bath time would be awesome!!

    As well as change time!!
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