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Thread: How do others on adisc see ABs

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    Considering it's a support community for that very reason I'm finding it hard to figure out where you are going with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    How do others on adisc see ABs
    How do I see them? With my eyes ;-)

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    As a support forum for ABs, I suspect the mere act of being an AB doesn't carry much weight when we form opinions.

    The specifics of how you've, for lack of a better word, embraced being an AB may and probably do weigh in however. Obviously there is a wide range of diversity in this community, and I think you'll generally find more tolerance here than in the general public, however people at the extremes may think poorly of people at the other extremes.

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    As I am not an AB at all I might give you a different but hopefully none the less "good" answer.

    Personally I can not understand it - the desire / need to be an AB - at any rate. To me it holds no attraction whatsoever, actually quite to the contrary. It is something I personally am not able to get anything remotely appealing out of it either - neither by the thought of doing anything ABish nor by watching anyone else indulge in AB stuff.

    That being said - if feel that the far FAR more important point is, that it doesn't matter how "I" or anyone else actually perceives it.
    If I'd venture into an IC Support group meeting and would loudly proclaim that despite being IC myself i do happen to *like* diapers - I probably would be thrown out of the next window....
    And that is my reason for turning to ADISC - as even though my DL side is "mild" it still is a part of myself.
    So is your AB side - it is an integral part of your person.
    Now with all facets of a human being, for some the part is bigger or more pronounced than for someone else - but it is still a part of you. Also I am a believer that 99% of the population has some sort of kink, weird habit, weird thoughts & odd sexual associations or desire. I guess it's just something human.
    And as long as that stuff doesn't affect anyone else negatively no one should be shunned for it.
    One joe might love plastics - the other likes the smell of bananas just a tad more than most people would think it possible.
    The next girl gets off by hearing an old lullaby - another one finds the scent of new cars erotic....
    Some like to be bound and enjoy pain - other like to dominate... the world of kink is broad and there's so much there.
    And a lot of it has no appeal at any rate to *myself* and yet is probably my best friends most desirable "thing".

    I think it is important to understand - that as long as what you do doesn't negatively impact / involve others - its all good.
    Doesn't matter what I or anyone else makes of it or if I or someone else is into it too... Why? because it doesn't alter what it does for *YOU*.

    So whilst I as mentioned don't "get" the AB-World - I don't think it's anymore weird or wrong or right as any other sexual deviation from the vanilla "norm".

    I do believe that this is "universal" in terms of tolerance towards other people's choices and personal freedom and that no one has the "right" to say it's "wrong, bad, ..." - again, as long as it only involves yourself.

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    I saw the thread title, then clicked on it only to find that EPO1 beat me to what I was going to say.

    To me, it seems completely nuts that someone could possibly enjoy AB stuff (I also think it's kind of funny that as a DL I'm weirded out by another fetish so close to my own). That said, I'm sure that's how most people feel about most kinks that they don't have any interest in, and just because it weirds me out doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it or that I think less of people because of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    Do they think I'm a nut bar?
    No. I see you more as a Nestle Crunch bar. As for AB's......AB's RULE!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    Do they think I'm a nut bar?

    I do not see you as a "nut bar". We are all here for a reason.

    I think it is safe to say that the bottom line is that we are here for understanding and to gain understanding.

    This is an opportunity to come in out of the dark and despair and realize that we are not alone.

    As for the route that each of us take is entirely dependent on our needs and desires and the circumstances that brought us here in the first place.

    In my case it was a life long obsession with the binge and purge cycle and the depression that it was aggravating. As I went through the threads and read others peoples stories I got an idea of what was going on. As I talked things through with my therapist we realized that the whole issue came down to a post traumatic stress situation that all came about from Diaper discipline when I was small and having health issue that were not dealt with, just disciplined.

    I have come to realize that I am a DL and not an AB except that the point I regress for therapy purposes is about 24 months old.

    We have turned this around from a negative thing to a therapeutic stress/depression coping mechanism.

    So I do not see that anyone is a nut bar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    Do they think I'm a nut bar?
    I suspect you might have gotten that from (among others) something I posted here recently. I think people get too hung up on assigning those half ass label's to the detriment of allowing others to see them. There is no universal understanding of any of those label's, this fact alone should render them obsolete. But all said and done if you really want the "nut bar" label, be my guest and feel free to take it. Just understand not all will understand what you mean by using it.

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