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Thread: bad habits?

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    Default bad habits?

    anyone here have and bad habits? they can be weird or funny or just plain dub, theyre all probably interesting XD i drink from the tap in my bathroom because its closer than the kitchen fridge, always roll up my shirt sleeves, and never untie my shoes, i just slip most of them on and off :P
    what bad habits do you have?

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    My girl friend works nights some times and I hate it because I worry about her plus I don't like being in the house on my own due to an overactive imagination so my unhealthy habit is staying up all night when she is at work. I know it sounds strange but when my imagination kicks in I become very unsettled, I find music helps.

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    I drink too much, wear diapers to bed, sleep with a life-size girl doll and stress about things out of my control more than I should.

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    I talk to my dog. Not always in a "who is a pretty dog!" way, but so often in a "Wow, I can't believe they think this show qualifies as good television these days. What do you think?" And then I pause and look at her. She usually just stares at me, and I'm like, "yeah I'm pretty speechless, too!" And for some reason I feel rather satisfied with this social interaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    i pee in my sink sometimes
    May i ask why ?

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    I wish i had a answer to give you lol i just do it sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyDoodle View Post
    May i ask why ?
    I did it in college. The dorm rooms only had a sink in them. The main bathroom was a long way down the hall and some nights I just didn't feel like walking down there.

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