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Thread: Dream you wish had been real?

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    Default Dream you wish had been real?

    I had this dream a few nights ago where I was being carried by a beautiful lady and she laid me down on a table, spread my legs open and slid pink polka dot plastic pants on me and kept kissing me asking if Id obey her now, between every kiss.
    And it got me thinking; I would pay any price just to relive that dream, I wish it had been real.
    What dreams have you had that you wish had been real? Lets see who ends up telling the best dream

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    I had a dream that either myself or a close family member (can't quite remember..?) won the lottery. A BIG lottery.

    It was kind of strange/unexpected because for one, I almost never have dreams, or at least none that I can remember. Secondly I'm not sure why I would dream about that in particular, my family isn't poor, certainly not filthy rich, but definitely not poor. I'm not really sure why I decided to dream about that and not something a bit more...interesting?

    Ah well.

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    I dreamed recently that I was at my summer house. My parents were constructing something there, I don't remember what but I wanted to help and they gave me a board and a hammer and some nails. The thing with this dream is that I was little, around maybe four years old I think. I sat down in the grass and used my little hammer to put nails in the board for no reason When I had hammered for a while I showed the board to my parents and they said 'good job' and I felt really proud of myself. It was when I woke up I realize how silly it was and that my parents have given me the board to keep my occupied, but in the dream I thought I was really helping them with the construction.

    And what do I wish had been real? That I still was little of course, but especially having a mind of a little like I had in the dream.

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    Good topic!

    My dreams are very important to me. They shape and form my temperance while also constructing new provocative feelings. Often, I am left musing about them all day. Such dreams fuel my emotional state and keep me 'in-check' with myself and my own thought processes.

    I remember one recently where I met a gal who was working at a deli counter in a supermarket. We talked for awhile and I became enamored with her. This dream eventually led to a date with her. Driving around in my car the dream suddenly took a weird turn where I was in a perpetual state of trying to find her through a series of doors and hallways. I could never catch up to her.

    The oddity of it was: She had a VERY acne filled complextion on her face. I still found her very beautiful. I was ultimately attracted to her.

    I realized that perhaps I wasn't so shallow in my personal definition of beauty. This thought 'stuck' with me for a few days and I revelled in it's epiphany.

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    In my dream I lived and worked alone on some island in the South Pacific. It was nice, I'd go to the beach for a while after work, then I'd go home (the dream was in a loop presumably). It seemed to end there, nice dream though.

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    1. When I was maybe 7 or 8 I had this dream about a girl in my class (Catholic school, uniform and all). She was wearing diapers (cloth, plastic pants with side snaps) under her plaid skirt and I had to change her.

    2. when I was 15 or so, I had this dream about a blonde girl in an electric blue swimsuit. It was a girl I had met briefly IRL, although she was in regular street clothes at the time. I can't discuss details of the dream in this forum, but I sure wish it had happened.

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    I had a dream back when I was a teenager. I was about 10 end we were in a big department store and it was closed and everyone was taken hostage. Everyone was segregated by sex and age. So all of the 9 to 11 year olds were in this hospital ward like room and these two burly woman come in and tell us that we are going to do what we are told or else, and they are going to put us into diapers. They ask for volunteers and everyone is mouthing off. I wanted to but I was being tough, so they announced that they will just pick a bed and do it. They called out Hu and no one knew what they were talking about. I suddenly realized that it was the tag on the end of the bed and I went first. Then the nest thing a remember was everyone in the room is crying and we are all in cribs. Then somehow we escaped and we are running through the parking lot wearing just diapers and plastic pants and I ran into the big drain pipe, and.....

    That is were I got mad because my mother yelled at me to wake up.

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    Lol I'd get mad too, that sounds like fun xD I wish I had more diaper dreams, they're always so much fun lol I wonder if there's a way to force my mind to dream about specific things o.O

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    I often dream of holding hands with the person I'm in love with, although I know it will never come true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza1979 View Post
    I often dream of holding hands with the person I'm in love with, although I know it will never come true.
    i know those dreams, the most precious is what is unattainable

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