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Thread: Wearing baby diapers

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    Default Wearing baby diapers

    There are many posts about adult Diapers, but I was just wondering how many people here wear baby/youth Diapers without having to modify them? How do they make you feel? On a personal note I for one get great satisfaction from wearing baby Diapers, I mean don't get me wrong adult Diapers are great and I tend to wear them mostly at night, but baby Diapers make me feel really small, I'm not sure if that's because of the cute prints or having the brand name that is associated with the Baby Diaper, or maybe it's just the fact I'm able to wear what a real baby would wear without having to make any modifications to the Diaper, but overall I would say I'm more enthusiastic about wearing Baby/youth Diapers then I am about wearing adult Diapers, how about you?

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    Yep, totally agree with you. I prefer baby diapers instead of adult (but sometimes use them as well). For me the big difference plays the gel and in some cases the scent (that is why I'm a fan of Pampers - they're the softest and have babyish smell). That makes absolutely different feelings. And of course all that stuff like prints and colors also matters... I really like those turquoise or blue elements on baby diapers. Unfortunately I'm not one of those who still can wear pampers 6/7, so the only way is to put them in my briefs and do the things Despite that, DryNights still fit me.

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    Indeed, baby diapers and goodnites are great !

    I feel little and playful, maybe is the scent or cute prints , but by knowing you'll wear a cute diaper makes it more fun
    And you won't believe me, but I I'd love to wear pampers, sadly, I can't get them right now

    And yes I do fit in them, but the biggest size I can get is 6, but I'd love to try pampers since it has stretchy tapes.

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    I unfortunately can't fit in them. Too big. :/
    I can modify them, but I still prefer the fit of adult.
    They make great stuffers, though.

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    [QUOTE=Littledaimon That,s exactly how I feel when wearing Pampers more playful.

    [QUOTE=ajameson prints and colors also matters] Yes it really does I absolutely love the prints and colors of baby Diapers.

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    Well, as a current active member of the middle age spread group, I can't fit into anything but adult sized ones. I have used them for stuffers.

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    I can't fit into them, but I do have a few Huggies size 6 left from a pack I bought in December. I just wear them inside my underwear. They're discreet, but unfortunately rather thin and tend to get bunched up, so I make sure to adjust them before wetting.

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    I love baby/youth diapers XD I've actual yet to try adult diapers. the main part of diapers for me is the feeling of being young so adult diapers kind of take that away... I just recently tried underjams, now my favorite pullup.

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    Underjams are my favorite pull ups as well, really comfortable and surprisingly thick. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShAd0w10 View Post
    I unfortunately can't fit in them. Too big. :/
    I can modify them, but I still prefer the fit of adult.
    They make great stuffers, though.
    My thoughts exactly. However, I personally don't use stuffers because I tend to not have enough time nor desire to sit in a diaper all day. Been thinking more and more about it, but I don't really get days off to myself anymore. Oh the woes of being an adult... Where's the time machine at? Guess I'll have to settle for mental time travel and pad up.

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