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    So im working out of state right now, I came up here with no diapers thinking id be fine. I had a bad urge an bought so walgreens briefs. So I decided the 40 diapers were too much to try and hide here in this apartment with 2 other people living with me, so I tossed about half in the trash. Well now I decided I want them back so I went to the dumpster and opened the trash bag they were in. (It was still on top I didn't dive in) and I threw a few into a bag I brought down. When I was walking out a neighbor across the street was staring at me. I hope he wont approach me tomorrow.

    Has anyone else had an experience like this? What should i do?

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    I wouldn't worry to much it was probably to dark for your nabor to figure out what you had. if they saw you in the dumpster just say you accidentally threw your wallet away earlyer some how and didn't realize it.

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    As wiatt said, if he talks with you soon (Which I doubt it) just tell him that you threw out important documents or something relevant.

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    I never had an experience like this, but I've lost things that were important before and looked through the garbage in case it got thrown out by mistake. So you could say you did that. Maybe you lost a ring or lost your keys or lost a credit card or papers for college/work, whatever. And you wanted to see if it was in there. That way you have a reasonable explanation that doesn't involve diapers...

    But also, I mean, on another level, who cares what some judgmental person thinks about you? You aren't breaking any laws or whatever. Part of me kind of wants to just tell you to tell that guy, if he approaches you, that you were getting a big bag of none of his business...

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    Everyone does weird things from time to time. The thing that shocks people the most is seeing that someone else does something that, to them, seems considerably more strange than what they do. Honestly I would just laugh it off instead of worry over it. And as everyone else said, if your neighbor does approach you, just make something up. Tell him you had put a bunch of dirty clothes in a plastic bag or something to take to the laundromat and you or someone else accidentally mistook it for trash and threw it away. So you went to retrieve it.

    I've never been in that particular situation, but I have been in a few that probably looked very strange when taken out of context. For example, there was the one (and only) time I was browsing for a certain size of printed briefs in the kids section at a target. A lady walked right by me and I can only imagine the strange sight she beheld of a scruffy looking young man examining little boys underwear. If I were in her shoes, I would probably be asking some concerned questions. Which is precisely why it is the only time I have ever done that in public. Oh if only there were cuter printed brief options for adult men who happen to be little boys at heart...

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