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    Default Changing table

    So recently I've really wanted a changing table, but actual adult ones are nearly a thousand and well.. I'm not rich haha.
    However I was thinking of alternatives, and how would a massage table work? I mean it's padded, built for an adult, and I found a nice looking one for just under seventy. Really curious if anyone else has tried this alternative? Sorry if it's been discussed before, I don't remember seeing it. Thanks guys!

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    I've always thought a solid wood dresser (Long, almost like a vanity) is a good starting point. Just add some padding+vinyl (Or waterproof material of your choice) to the top and voila, changing table with drawers!

    The nice part is, you can find old dressers for dirt cheap at garage sales and thrift shops.

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    A dresser would work as one and get a mat for it but where to find one.

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    What's wrong with the bed?

    Sorry to ask a maybe stupid question - but you have a bed, it's built to bear your weight, it's sized accordingly... and it is hopefully comfortable.

    I'm no adult baby so I might not get it... but if you look at the reason why changing table for babies were made / are made it is as a convenience for the PARENT... basically a "work table" at an appropriate height to get a job done.
    Now unless you're into some serious role play with a partner - from a purely practical point of view a changing table for an adult will not give you any benefit over a bed I guess...

    The only reason I'm replying is the mentioning of a massage table as a substitute - the massage table is an adult oriented piece of equipment as it's usually adults who get massages - and again it was made to elevate the "patients" body to a good height for the massage therapist to work and also for your head to find a comfortable resting position whilst you're on your front side-down...
    So if you believe this will be an OK alternative - than I really don't see why your already existing bed - maybe with a changing mat on top - wouldn't give you the same results for no additional money?

    Now if you REALLY WANT one and can't shell out the money: get into hobby-carpentry and build your own.
    I've been doing wood work for as long as I can remember and it's a very pleasurable pastime in my opinion and even with basic hand tools you can yield some incredible results.
    There's a good number of books on the subject out there and youtube is full with related topics...
    You'd learn a useful skill, get your changing table: win-win

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    Thanks for the reply ep. If I remember from your posts you aren't into the scene, just incon, so I understand where you are coming from and appreciate the level-headed advice.

    As to why I'd want it over a bed, I'm lucky enough to have a partner involved and other than it being a huge fantasy for me, she's 6'2 and has to bend 90 degrees for the bed to work, as our bed just has a no spring and no frame. Money better spent on a new bed I suppose :/.

    With the woodworking, I've always been interested, but I'm holed up in the middle of Omaha in a small apartment with roommates. That's far too many issues to deal with haha. My thought process was I'd have a sort-of roundabout changing table, and we would also have a massage table which she liked the idea of haha. Oh well. Thanks again.

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    When my girl friend changes me we just use the floor or the bed that works just fine, I'm not one for buying into all this over sized AB stuff the only things I have are Diapers and my cute PJs.

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    I would just build your own if you can because that what I'm doing for myself also to me it easier way change a diaper would out get bed mess try change your diapers. I wear 27/7 for medical reasons and find have changing table a lot better for a quicker way to change.

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    This guy, living 45 min north of Montreal makes ABDL furniture such as changing tables

    ABDL - table langer - Michel Artisan Menuisier

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    If there's an unfinished furniture store in your area you should go and take a look. They might have a small wooden table that could be just right. Then you could get something to put on the table top and cover it. A little paint or stain and varnish and you're in business.

    All of my bookshelves are from the unfinished furniture store as well as cupboards and an inclosed unit for my surround sound amp, DVD player, etc. My best find was a microwave cart. It's actually an oak baby changing table. It's a fairly tall cabinet with 3 drawers on the left and a door on the right which opens to shelves. On the top is the changing table. I left the top as wood. Three sides of the top have a small 2 inch wooden border, which I guess would protect the baby from rolling off. The front has no wooden rail. I stained it to match our oak kitchen cabinets and then varnished it. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. I'm always tickled when I put things away in the drawers knowing it's a baby's changing dresser.

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    It all depends on your skills, if you know wood working and or have tools. You can always make one out of a toddler bed, or pre existing cabinet.

    I built one a few years back, i used traditional 2x4 construction, with a plywood top. Then added cabinet doors to the front that i bought premade and from a hardware store. Then it was as simple as covering a foam pad with vinyl, to make it waterproof. The owner of it later added bondage gear to it, eye hooks and "painted" the sides of it in rubber truck bed liner.

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