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Thread: Abena M4 issues.

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    Default Abena M4 issues.


    Yesterday I got some Abena M4's delivered as I heard they're pretty good and there's a review on adisc somewhere also confirming this.However when I tried one on for the first time I found some problems.The biggest issue for me was the tapes and fitting.

    When I first put one on they fit really nice and they're comfy but after a while of walking around the home the nappy became more and more loose around the hip and started sliding down.This meant I had to keep re-fastening them which meant they would stay in place for a while longer but then after a very short while they would lose their fitting again and start sliding down my hips.I could barely walk from my sitting room to my bedroom before they had practically slid down my leg.The constant re-fastening also meant the tapes were losing their stick.I don't know why they would fit snug at first but then after a short while they become too slack.I suspect its to do with the construction material as they're not plastic backed.The only way I can get them to stay in place is if I wear trousers or trakkies over them to hold them up.

    The absorbency is very good though, but after wetting them in bed last night, when I got up the tapes on one side bust and the nappy sagged to one side.This never happened with my tena slip maxis.Also after a heavy wetting, although it didn't leak the absorbancy padding became a bit lumpy and out of shape.Again I never had this issue with my Tena slips which very sadly are going cloth backed.

    Has anybody else here had similar issues with this brand of nappy's?.I'm surprised to be having such issues with a brand that has such good reviews.

    I wasn't really writing this as a review, I just wanted to know others experience of this nappy brand.

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    I dont have this type of problem but i wear this diaper as a night diaper together whit a booster.

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    I have had great experiences with Abena M4's. I use the plastic backed ones and they don't have this issue. I do tend to wear it with a onesie though. They do clump a bit, but the absorbency is great and I have found they are the only diapers that I can wear without leaking so far. Going to try some dry 24/7 next month though..

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    You don't say whether you have the ones with a plastic backing or the cloth like cover. The ones with plastic backing stretch less. However, like babymt, I always wear a pair of snug underpants over my diaper during the daytime to hold the diaper in place and prevent clumping.

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    second paragraph, towards the bottom he said: "I suspect its to do with the construction material as they're not plastic backed".
    I have a sample of the cloth-like that I've worn twice and can say the tapes need some major improvements. I have not worn said sample long enough to have a stretching issue. If I recommended Abenas to you I meant the plastic ones as those are what I have/use. Hope you can keep them on long enough to get some use out of them!

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    Yeah, I too had the same issues with the cloth backed M4's. I used to wear them 24/7 but after having lots of issues with the tapes and the poor fitting, i decided to use another brand for daytime use. it's like a M size turns into a XXXXXL after some hours of use ..

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    I will echo what the last few posters have said. I recently tried a pack of the AP M4 and found that they lost their fit very quickly once wet. If I'm at all active the material seems to stretch, requiring numerous adjustments to get full use out of the diaper.

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    I managed to help the situation some by buying some nappy safety pins so I can pin the tabs in place which helps to stop it becoming more slack and can re-fasten the nappy as tight as I want without having to rely on the adhesive on the tabs.I won't be buying this brand again though.

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    I have never had to re-adjust or re-tape a plastic backed M4.

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