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    Default *pout*

    I hate introductions. *grump*

    K, let's get this over quickly.

    I'm 26 and live in Sydney, I hang out the side of a moving train for a living.
    I'm 6'3" and ~90kg and fit a Medium size in every brand I've encountered.

    I would classify myself as a littlefur, I'm a little all over the place with my age, but never too old for a smack, a time-out, or to fall asleep in someone's lap.

    I like pullups and diapers, plastic or cloth backed or even actual cloth(esp. cloth pullups if I'm not going to wet).

    I'm slightly OCD sometimes. For example, I can't stand seeing a diaper with loose bits of wings hanging out. Tuck that $#*! in. It's like wearing a suit jacket with an untucked shirt.

    I'm posting an introduction because I have achieved Lurker status. I often hold off on posting because people are incredibly quick to take offense where none is intended. Safe option is to avoid helping people/correcting people/etc.

    Right now I'm wearing a TENA Slip Maxi(Large) because of an error in an order, and because I'm curious what it's like since so many people wear a size up from what actually fits them.

    That's another thing. I like trying new things. A few bags of one diaper with nothing else, and I'll not want to wear that brand for a long time. If I can't have new, I'll settle for variety. ^.^

    Happy now, forum gods? *shakes fist*

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    Forum Gods? LOL
    Hi! Its nice to meet you 26 year old train hangerer. I liked your intro and since were chucking weight around, Im 5'5" and 58kgs. For the record.
    Apparently I'm a bit of a weird one because I don't like nappies but I use my dummy and bottle everyday to keep myself calm, collected and well... just because I damn well like feeling like a baby again.
    Your right about some people being quick to take offence but that's YouTube, I haven't been on here long but I can already see that people here are much more accepting of our diversity.
    Your intro was amusing.

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    Love The Intro!!!
    Welcome, I'm new here, the people have been inviting and nice to me, unlike the rest of the world, I feel at place here, I'm sure you well too.

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    True, people are generally nice here.

    I find my peace curled up in bed, imagining there's someone/something curled around me, keeping me warm and safe. It works better in winter. Unfortunately part of this is that they're significantly bigger than me, which unfortunately is a fairly implausible situation IRL. Curse you short people! :<

    Bottles, dummies, etc. don't do much for me. A sippy cup would be pushing it a little even. Though any of those could be used to create a world class tantrum. :P

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    That was a great introduction, I loved it. I hope the Forum God's are looking down upon you and smiling. Welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripeh View Post
    Happy now, forum gods? *shakes fist*
    The forum gods approve. Do you have your sacrificial lamb at the ready?

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    I, just like the others, liked your intro, nicely written :3 I hope you'lll feel welcome here and find whatever you might be looking for ^^
    *Wags tail*

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    Well, I love the sense of humor! Anyways welcome to adisc! Its good to have more people post here then unregister and lurk around. But meh...
    And as always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I actually like the system. You get a little time to look around, dip your feet in the water, then you get pushed in. ^.^
    Then it's the carrot to convince you to contribute so you can use PMs, etc.

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