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Thread: Forgot to hide stuff

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    Default Forgot to hide stuff

    Have you ever forgotten to hide your stuff? Maybe you were declassified then?
    I mean mostly for those, who live with someone else, when you leave home in hurry for instance.
    Recently the same was with me - I just left my used diaper under the blanket on my bed and left for a work. Good that my parents or sister haven't noticed that. I came home for a lunch and hid it.

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    oh i got one to top that. after taking a shower once i completely forgot to grab my used diaper from the bathroom and at the same time i also had a used one sitting my room waiting to go into my hiding spot and when i looked at that one in my room i thought it was the one i just changed out of so i hid the one that was in my room and forgot the one in the bathroom for will 24hrs until i went back in there to see it. lucky my mom had nothing to do that day, because normally is is up and down the hall where my bathroom is.

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    When I first started wearing, out in the open to my wife, I used to hang up my plastic pants to dry in our laundry room. That would make sense, yes? Except we were doing laundry one Saturday, and my adult son showed up with his daughter, our granddaughter and of course, came downstairs and into the laundry room to talk. Fortunately the plastic pants were hanging way in the back, and a towel was in front of them, but they were still visible. I sort of talked and walked out of the laundry room, taking them with me, but I never knew if they saw.

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    Default Forgot to hide stuff

    I once had to stop halfway on my way to work in the summer to turn around and fly back home to get a wet diaper I had left in the bathroom after taking a shower.

    I was like 5 minutes late to work (usually 15ish minutes early), but I avoided a very bad situation by not having my mom come home to see a soggy rolled up diaper sitting in her bathroom.

    I also left a clean, unfolded diaper sitting on a dresser at a state park lodge room by accident not too long ago, and got back to see the place had been tidied up by the housekeeping lady, despite a teddy hear covered diaper sitting there in the open the entire time.

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    In the 13 years of secrecy before my wife finally discovered my diapers, there were many close calls. The latter of those years, after I'd resumed wearing cloth diapers, were the most challenging. It's not easy to do laundry at home without drawing the attention of those you live with. Opportunities to wash my diapers in private were few and barely long enough, often ending in a mad scramble to unload the dryer and hide the contents.

    And it was one of these hasty hiding jobs that ultimately blew my cover.

    Before that, though, there were several times in which I accidentally left a diaper (one of the toddler diapers I use for stuffers) behind in the washer or dryer. On one occasion, I was unloading one of my wife's loads and found one of my diapers mixed in. On another occasion, I went to load the dryer and found one of my diapers already in there from a previous diaper load (on a prior day). Eep!

    Since then, I've made it a habit always to count my diapers as I unload them. I have quite a variety of cloth diapers, but the numbers of each are indelibly etched in my brain.

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    I guess I should count myself lucky that I never had the need to hide mine.

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    Yes, a lot. No one said anything about it thank god. I don't know if they noticed it or not. The other week I was putting my used diapers in a trash bag from my diaper champ and my sister in law arrived through the door with a present for my new baby. I stopped what I was doing and closed the pail and put the bag down. I don't know if she knew or not.

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    Recently I left a clean diaper in my clothes drawer at plain sight, so before leaving my house, I remembered I left the diaper there ! It was close

    When I was starting this out, unfortunately a couple of times my mother found some diapers in toy boxes, she didn't confront me about that even though she told me she found a diaper in a toy box, I just told them that I didn't know why it was there and changed the subject.
    Now I am more careful, but the possibility is still there.

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    Wow. Lots of accidents in bathroom and laundry. I personally don't use cloth diapers or plastic pants (yet), but always afraid of leaving used diaper in bathroom. Thanks god there were no such accidents.
    I also sometimes forget to hide my plushie, and of course for the same reason - leaving home in hurry.

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    Yes i been lucky and not made the bathroom mistake, however i have forgotten to hide in the rubish bin. I normally make sure i cover up with other rubish or seal it in bag. Last year i got a bit lazy and started to just put in the bin, then put general waste on top to cover it up. However one time i forgot, and my flatmate saw it in the bin, he ask if a baby had been to the house. Not thinking i said no, so he then proceded to talk about seeing a diaper in the bin outside, so i just made up a story that a neighbour must have used our bin. Don't think he really brought it. But he has never raised it again

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