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Thread: A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

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    Default A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    I've seen a lot of posts about college students specifically not being able to afford diapers. I found a way that all of us college going diaper lovers can get some essentially for free, so I thought we could all try and help each other out. It might actually work for some highschool people too, all you need is an email ending in ".edu".

    Amazon has a service called Amazon student, if you're in school and have a .edu email address you can sign up for free. It gives you Amazon Prime free for 6 months, which basically is just free 2-day shipping, which is kind of cool by itself. You can cancel it anytime, so if you don't want an account once you're done with this you can just close it.

    Here's the important part: you can refer other people to Amazon student by sending them a link and for every person you refer you get $10 credit to spend on Amazon. They have packs of a bunch of kinds of diapers for around $20, so if you can refer 2 other people you go to school with then that's a free pack of diapers. They ship discreetly, just a standard cardboard box with Amazon on it, so if you're in a dorm it won't be a problem.

    I've already invited a few of my friends to it and it works great. I live at home with my family, so I would rather be the first one to get to the package obviously and the 2-day shipping means I know exactly when it's coming too. I know it always sounds sketchy when somebody recommends you do something like this, since I get money out of it, but this is legit through amazon so you don't have to worry about anything.

    Here's my referral link if you want to try it out: Amazon Student

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    I just hope this thread doesn't get lost and nobody tries this. It's actually awesome.

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    Does this only work in the US? I'm attending a post-secondary institution, but my email ends in .ed

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    I'm not sure. I can email them and ask. You could just try it and see, unless you already did and it didn't work and that's why you're asking.

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    This is a really interesting and cool idea. It definitely works to someone's advantage as an easier way to get diapers.

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    Hmm, this WOULD be the best way for me to get Cushies at a good price. Never tried em and really want to

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