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    hey, i'm zak aged 25, but don't look or act my age. but i don't care, and prefer it that way. XD
    i'm also rather random,hyper or quiet,LOUD or confusing at times. have a funny sense of humour too, which can be quite obscene at times.

    into: music,free parties,raving,festivals, seeing bands live, computer games (mostly horror based ones), watching dvds, hanging out with friends,being an attention whore on myspace,lollllll, stickam,facebook.
    and of course wearing,wetting,messing and getting off in nappies....

    music types i like: screamo,deathcore,metalcore,black metal, death metal, rock, metal,electro house, electro breaks, breakcore,dubstep, dnb,old skool garage and old skool jungle, reggae, dub, hard-tekno, spiral-tekno, acid tekno, electro-pop, chiptune.

    oh and i may make a diaperspace again under a different name, as some of my friends found out last time and took the piss out of me badly, so deleted it quickly.
    i hate it..... some of my friends are too nosey. they go searching my e-mail or username on google to see what they find.
    whats why i have to use a different name for the diaper sites i'm on.

    btw i'm called zackyzillionaire on diaperbook.

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    welcome to the site. I too listen to very diffrent types of music. Do you have any favorite bands? (mine is ayreon and flogging molly :P )

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    welcome to the site person who is older then me

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    Were your friends aware of people liking to wear diapers before they found you on diaperspace?

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