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Thread: Getting Mad While Diapered? *Poll Added

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    Default Getting Mad While Diapered? *Poll Added

    I want to know who has gotten angry while diapered and can you post your experiences here.
    like being restrained, getting in a fight, getting hurt, even getting arrested.
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    I can say I have gotten sad, before and after diapering myself, but angry? Can't recall.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear diapers 24/7, so I've pretty much experienced every experiencable emotion while diapered.

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    baby kiffer


    The act of wearing diapers or coming into contact with other transitional items (teddy bears, soft blankets, etc...) causes emotional release for me. Most of the time, I feel sad and lonely, or happy and carefree. Other times, I have felt angry, terrified, anxious, or jealous...just about anything under the sun, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    I want to know who has gotten angry while diapered and can you post your experiences here.
    I'm sort of wondering what you're talking about.

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    I wouldn't really say that whether or not I'm wearing a diaper would contribute to being angry or not, sure there's been times that I've gotten angry and I was wearing one, but generally the situation has been such that I would have been mad either way. Perhaps the only thing that changes with me very slightly is that I get a bit more agitated when people encroach on my personal space. I am one of those people that needs personal space, I am a bit claustrophobic and I am almost always uncomfortable in crowded situations. I never say anything as that would be rude, but I'm uncomfortable.

    For me at least, I always seem to need enough space whereas I could stretch out both of my arms and spin around and not touch anyone. I have a need for this even more when I am wearing a diaper as I do wear them in public fairly often, under my clothes of course. I go to great lengths to hide it, and I doubt anyone has noticed, but I get a bit more agitated when people encroach on my personal space.

    Take today for instance, I was out shopping at walmart (there's quite a bit more that made me mad about this trip, so much so I actually posted in my blog on here which is a rare occurrence indeed.) Anyway, I'm standing in the checkout line and this family come up behind me. Now, there is plenty of room, it was not crowded, at least by Saturday afternoon at walmart standards. Seriously, they were standing not 6 inches away from me, both parents and their kid who was running amok. They seriously could have given me more room. On top of that, they were french canadian, (I live very close to the quebec border, so we see a lot of them, and no, I don't have anything against them.) And they were talking to each other, in french. If it wasn't for the fact that I understand French, I know I would have been quite bothered by the fact that they might have been talking about if I was wearing a diaper or not. They weren't talking about that, but if they had been speaking a language that I don't understand, and having them so close to me, I would have been quite bothered.

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    I guess so? I don't get angry about the diaper itself though. And I prefer to not be angry when diapered.

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    I get mad a lot while walking in walmart or any store trying to buy diapers. I swear you can't go anywhere without people getting in the way. >.<

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    I don't know, this seems like kind of a wierd question...

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