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Thread: People here say FedEx is so bad... I actually had an okay experience.

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    Default People here say FedEx is so bad... I actually had an okay experience.

    Not to say it was great, but redirection to a local fedex office for pickup worked.

    If you want to see what happened, read on. A word of warning - it's not all that exciting. So yeah, check out my timeline below. I ordered diapers Friday night and requested expedited shipping because it was only $9. On Monday I asked for status update notifications, and the only ones I received were when I requested the notifications, and a couple minutes after I picked up the package. On Tuesday I requested that the package be held for pickup at a local Fedex shop, and I was seriously worried when I saw "tendered at FedEx office" - I thought it might actually be shipped by USPS to my place. It didn't help that the entire time, even after the Wednesday 10AM update, the status page said the destination was my home town, not the town with the FedEx office. Fortunately they were at the office and picking them up was hassle free. So, not a stellar experience, but it worked out fine in the end. :) -J

    3:13 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

    4:19 pm Picked up
    4:58 pm Arrived at FedEx location
    10:14 pm Left FedEx origin facility
    11:31 pm In transit

    11:05 am Delivery option requested
    Hold at FedEx location request received - Check back later for shipment status
    4:32 pm Arrived at FedEx location
    10:17 pm Departed FedEx location

    3/05/2014 - Wednesday
    6:32 am At local FedEx facility
    6:41 am Arrived at FedEx location
    6:41 am Delivery exception Redirecting to FedEx Office
    7:42 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    9:22 am At local FedEx facility Tendered at FedEx Office
    10:01 am Held at FedEx location for recipient pickup
    11:44 am Delivered Delivered to recipient at FedEx Office

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    The only time i have ever had a problem with Ups or Fedex is during the holidays when they get a high volume of packages and mine takes forever to get to me lol other then that i have had great service from both companys

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    You're lucky they didn't have to cross any border, if us Canadians order anything from USA and the package is by Fedex we're in for a lot of troubles, don't know why but Fedex trucks like to cross the border multiple times before reaching their final destination, talk about a package that crossed the border 6 times before reaching my brother house, and 3 times on the 6, they added some customs charges to the package, results of this, my brother paid 3 times more for an item that if we had purchased the item here instead. And just because it was Fedex, last time he ordered another product from the same website and opted for USPS, we didn't have any custom fees to pay for it even if it was nearly the same item. go figure out why Fedex had us pay an extra...

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    Very cool! Glad you had a good experience with them.

    I've had much better luck with FedEx than UPS in the past myself. In fact, my last shipment of bambinos, which were initially estimated to take 4 business days to arrive...ended up taking two full weeks, and were delayed three seperate times.

    Of all the times I've order bambinos shipped through UPS, only one time have I had my package arrive on the time they initially say it will.

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    my last shipment arrived 2 days late, but it was due to weather issues, not blaming them for it.. Usually, I haven't had a bit of grief with them. except for ignoring sign on door that says 'UPS and FEDEX deliveries, if raining, place in shed <<<) 20 feet away.

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