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Thread: Account Closure Policy

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    Are you trying to change your name?

    1. If so, use: Settings -> Edit Profile instead.
    2. That page will let you change your name quickly and easily.

    Are you trying to get a "fresh start" in some way?

    1. If so, know that there are no "fresh starts" on ADISC. You are not allowed to close one account and then open another.
    2. If you try, then at best, the two accounts will be merged into one. More likely, you will end up banned, for trying to get around our "one person, one account" rule.

    Are you trying to stop email being sent to your account?

    1. If so, there is a far faster way to do this: simply visit your settings page and turn off the email-related options.
    2. If you're having trouble doing this, post in the requests forum, and we'll help you.
    3. These methods will stop all automated email being sent to your account. They will not prevent you from being able to request a password reset via email if you specifically request it.
    4. Whatever you do, do not mark email from ADISC as spam. This is not guaranteed to stop all automated email, but it is likely to cause your account to be frozen until you can supply, and verify, a new, different email address.

    Are you trying to escape someone else's bad behavior?

    1. You should report whoever is bothering you using the "!" report button, on the posts/PMs/blogs/etc that he/she used to bother you. Every report is read by a live person.
    2. You should also add this person to your ignore list, using the edit ignore list page.

    Are you trying to remove a previous post from Google?

    1. Post in the Requests forum, with a link to the relevant post(s) you want edited/removed, and an explanation of why you want it removed.
    2. Once it has been removed from the site, see for information as to how to remove it from Google.
    3. This is the only way to remove post content. Account closure does not do so.

    Are you trying to register some disagreement?

    1. Put bluntly, leaving ADISC over a disagreement with someone is silly. Like quitting school because of a disagreement with one teacher, it does way more harm than good.
    2. If you are angry, it is best to wait until you cool down before you make decisions that may have permanent consequences. Otherwise you will likely find that you made a decision when you were angry that, once you've cooled off, you deeply regret.

    Asking for a different reason? Read on.

    Account closure will:

    1. Render the closed account's profile information inaccessible to non-staff.
    2. Prevent anyone from PMing the closed account.
    3. Prevent any email being sent to the closed account.
    4. Remove most/all information about the account from appearing on its past posts.

    Account closure does NOT:

    1. Remove posts, threads, blog entries, or any other content uploaded with the account, except that which is specifically listed above, or which you delete yourself prior to requesting that the account be closed.
    2. Guarantee that you'll ever be able to get your account back, or for that matter, use ADISC again!

    In order to get your account closed, you must:

    1. Prepare your account
      1. Use this page to remove all friends from your friends list.
      2. Use this page to leave all groups you are a member of. If you created any groups, you will need to transfer them to a new owner, then leave them, or alternatively, simply delete the group.
      3. Use the "my albums" link on this page to remove all albums images you have uploaded.

    2. Create a requests thread
      1. Use the requests forum, creating a new thread, and asking for your account to be closed. Requests sent in via email will not be accepted!
      2. Specifically state that you have cleared your friends, groups, and gallery images. You must mention this or you will simply be given a link to this page, and your account will not be closed.
      3. Specifically state that you accept the risk of not being able to return to ADISC after your account is closed.
      4. Give the reason why you are requesting the account be closed. The reason must be a serious one. Something like "because I want it to be" would not qualify.

    3. Wait, usually for at least 24 hours
      1. It may take some time for someone with the appropriate moderation abilities to come along and act on your request.
      2. Usually, this is around a day or two for cases like this, but it could be longer, depending on the case, and how busy we are.
      3. Obviously, if the mod finds that you have not properly prepared your account, they will simply reject your request, and you will have to start all over again.

    Once your account is closed:

    1. You will still be able to sign in with it - but all you will be able to do with it is to create a requests thread, asking for it to be re-opened.
    2. Otherwise, you will be treated as if you are not logged in at all.
    3. You will not have access to any members-only areas anymore. This includes the ADISC Discord (Live Chat). If you want to keep using the ADISC Discord, you will need to keep an active account on the site as well.
    4. Should the account ever be re-opened, all the things you deleted prior to requesting account closure are gone for good. They cannot be recovered.

    Final warning: Be very, very sure about what you are doing before you request that your account is closed.
    Once it is:

    1. You will not be able to access
    2. You will not be able to access the live chat.
    3. You will not be able to create a new account.
    4. You have no guarantee of ever being able to get your closed account re-opened.

    You have been warned!
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