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    This is a guide for first-time to seasoned users of IRC.
    It includes basic technical and socially-relevant information about ADISC's IRC channel.

    IRC Basics

    What is IRC?

    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is essentially a chat server. ADISC members use it to chat about whatever is going on that day.

    How do I get to ADISC’s IRC channel?

    The quick way is to use the "Chat (X Active)" button which (so long as you're logged in) appears at the top of the page.

    The more advanced way is to use an IRC client, like "mIRC" or "XChat". You find these "irc clients" by searching with Configure them with:

    Port: 6667
    Nickname: (your forum username)
    Password: (your forum password)

    How many people are active in #adisc?

    As of July 2011, the chat has around 70 users at once during peak hours. Of these, about 3-12 are typically chatting at once.

    Chat Etiquette

    What are the rules?

    All the rules which apply to the forums apply to #adisc as well. The most important of these is "Be Polite and Tactful" for the sole reason that we all have to get along. ASL queries are not acceptable; this is not a dating site. Some others are: don’t lie, don’t spam, and follow the directions of the moderators. Another important one is speak English; no txtspeak, no baby talk, just good ol' English.

    So, what do you guys talk about?

    We talk about a wide variety of things, from sports and politics to (gasp!) the weather. When you enter, feel free to contribute to whatever is being discussed, but we'd rather you not interrupt a serious conversation with random comments about diapers, baby stuff, etc. We definitely don't want to know the status of your diaper. While #adisc is a place where you can discuss diapers and related topics, they aren’t really brought up all that often. Think about it: if all we talked about was diapers and baby stuff, we wouldn't have too much to talk about, would we?

    Can I roleplay on #adisc?

    Doing a few emotes is fine, but if you want to go into a serious roleplay (RP), we ask that you go to #adisc-rp and do your thing there. If someone doesn't want to RP with you, don't bug them about it.

    Any other tidbits of information I should know?

    If you find yourself in the middle of heavy conversation, it’s generally advised to include the nick of the person you’re talking to in your message, so that both you and they can keep track of what you’re talking about. For example:

    (21:51:36) <NewName> AnnoyingGuy: Could you stop doing that please?
    (21:51:52) <AnnoyingGuy> NewName: Sure, I didn’t realize it was bothering anybody.
    Also, if you want to PM someone (see Commands below) it is considered impolite to do so without first asking the desired recipient in the main chat first.

    Lastly, it bears repeating: no ASL queries. It is considered creepy and will probably leave a (negative) lasting impression on other chat-goers.


    Someone is bugging me, can anyone help?

    The chat mods are indicated by a special symbol next to their name, usually a "@" or a star. Ask the most recently active one.


    Whoa, how did you do that?

    You might notice other users performing actions, speaking in the third person, or "emoting". Typing:

    /me likes cheese.
    would show up to you and everyone else as:

    * YourName likes cheese.

    Sometimes, you might want to join another channel on the same server, such as #adisc-rp. Type:

    /join #adisc-rp
    right into the dialog box and you will see a new tab open up in your IRC client, and you will be in the new channel.

    You can type names quickly by using the TAB key.
    For example, suppose you wanted to type: IhaveAReallyLongAndObnoxiousNick.
    To do that, type "Ihav" then press TAB. It will auto-complete the rest of the name for you.

    To have a private conversation with someone, use /msg THEIRNAME, or /query THEIRNAME. Note: It’s considered very impolite to MSG/PM somebody over IRC without asking them first. The command, when correctly done, should look something like this:

    /msg AnnoyingGuy So, how about that there local sports team?

    If someone is bothering you, and there are no staff active to deal with them, you can use /ignore. All you have to do for this one is type:

    /ignore AnnoyingGuy
    Once typed, you won’t see anymore of AnnoyingGuy's messages.

    To leave the server, you can just close your IRC client or you can use /quit to leave a message as you quit. Just type in:

    /quit Bye guys!
    or whatever message you want to quit with. If you just want to leave the channel, it looks more like:

    /part #adisc Bye guys!

    Strange References

    What’d you say?

    There are a couple of strange mannerisms floating around in #adisc.

    "Poppy dippers" is a satirical reference to the inability of some individuals to spell simple words correctly.

    Sometimes, if a newbie comes in talking about diapers, one of the more seasoned members might say something ironic like "Are you one of those diaper freaks?". They are joking. Many people in #adisc likes diapers. Them saying this is simply a reminder that we don't tend to talk about diapers all the time. It is NOT a personal attack of any kind.

    Another thing to note is that diapers/nappies are commonly referred to as "padding" in the chat.
    It sounds better than "diapers" and "nappies".

    Technical Difficulties

    Why can’t I get in?

    If you're still having trouble getting in, post in the admin stuff forum, asking for help.

    I got disconnected. Now I can't reconnect. HELP!

    Just wait two minutes, and you'll be able to sign on again.

    Thanks for reading, we hope to see you in #adisc soon!

    Most recently revised by Moo. Prior version written primarily by Maytricks and NutFreeFruitCake.
    Special mention also goes to: Akiashi, Berko, Hogansheroes, Loopy, Moka_Akashiya, Pandemonium, Talula, Tripped and Yoh.
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