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Thread: Will Abena Extras last a whole day?

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    Default Will Abena Extras last a whole day?

    I just got a pack of Abena Extras. I think they're between Supers and X-Plus in quality. I never had an X-plus leak (except when trying to do so purposely by drinking lots of water... that worked, but even that wasn't easy.) So will one of these last a whole day? I plan to do this overnight through tomorrow night before bed, so I need replies somewhat fast. (please?) Will it most likely work?

    I heard they make new ones with a cloth cover? I dunno. These ones have a plastic cover. Just putting this out there as extra information, since plastic covers usually last longer.

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    sure they will! just make sure you have 3 extra pairs of pants and a towel.

    so no, i doubt it will last all day without leaking

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    Whole day? Few diaps can last all day. hamtaro xD.
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    What... really? I've done it before... well, it was a while ago, but I've done it. Will it make a difference if I'm not really doing much tomorrow? I should be home all day. Maybe if I drink less water? (of course, I will not mess it, unless it's almost time to take it off. not that I don't like to, but it's a lot to clean anyway.)
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    A little experiment? Big risk there. A little experiment is really just give it a try.... and then I'm in trouble if it doesn't work.
    And this topic seems to be leaning toward this being a bad idea.... but maybe you people just pee a lot or something? I mean, I thought I did, but maybe I was wrong?

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    I wear them in the day time, they are good for maybe 2 really heavy wettings anything past that and I am afraid of leaks. Just my experiences with them, I find X-Plus will hold 3-4 good wettings before there is an issue. Whenever I am wearing the extras I aways change after the second as they really feel saturated.

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    you can usualy tell if their getting too full so just put one on and try it

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