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    Default Sippy Cups

    I am looking to get a sippy cup and do not know where to buy or find one that is cute and relativity cheap (max. spending $10).

    I do have a bottle but remember as a kid my sippy cup that I loved using and kind of want to go back to using one.

    Thanks to all that help.

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    You can find sippy cups just about anywhere, even at dollar stores (although I don't really know the quality of the ones sold there.) For a good selection, try Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. I got a simple Nuby brand one at Walmart on clearance for a dollar. I love drinking chocolate milk from it. But there's even ones with characters on them, like Mickey Mouse.

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    Wallmart for $1.00 plus tax. It's not super cute, but it's a sippy cup. For say $7 you can get a cuter one with handles and whatnot. Use the other $3.00 for a teether or something? a bottle? ^^

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    I got a couple of sippy cups at Krogers, our local grocery store. As was said, they're everywhere. Oh...I get it. The fact that sippy cups are everywhere must mean one thing. Us adult babies are finally a majority! Yeah!!!!

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    If I can make a suggestion, get a Nuby one, they are awesome with the silicon cover and spout, its almost like a bottle and doesn't spill everywhere, I love that thing, I got one and plan a new purchase soon, I keep one on my nightstand, I keep it always filled up with fresh water every night, if I need to take a drink in middle of the night, its there (never know why I have to drink at least 1-2 times each night, must be extremely dry in my room because its winter time.

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    I got mine at Target and Kmart. But I still prefer baby bottles instead. It is more relaxing for me.

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    I use my Mickey Mouse one for water when I take my evening meds.

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    I have two and I use them regularly to feel toddler-ish and also because I drink really fast so they slow me down.

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